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11/18/2013 c1 6EagleJarl
It's got a mean streak a mile wide!
7/24/2012 c1 1CarolinaEirasSa
Ahah! :D
This is absolutely hilarious!
(I still can't stop laughing...)
8/23/2011 c1 28Psychedelica
XXD Oh ... my ...

Cracking up here! That was just ...

Hi - la - ri - ous! XD
8/5/2011 c1 4Ocean's Nocturne of the COCA
"The Killer Rabbit! With sharp, pointy teeth!" :D
7/30/2011 c1 23Kat Nightfox
Cute! Very cute! The bunnies make me think of Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail. Shoulda pulled out the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!
7/21/2011 c1 eFox
OMG THAT WAS GREAT! The ending was absolutely brilliant! I could just see poor Merlin's explanation!
5/15/2011 c1 3triplealiam
oh my god mutant bunnies! XD My thoughts immediately turned to Monty Python search for the Holy Grail when the bunny bared it's teeth! LOL At Merlin! Then Arthur! XD THIS WAS SO FUNNY!
5/7/2011 c1 11Sirro134
Very cute story. Loved the scene where Merlin is panting "Bunnies...teeth...horses." and he tires to explain to Arthur what happened XD Loved it.
5/3/2011 c1 33PoisoningPigeonsinthePark

whether they were killer bunnies sent by Morgause (I'm guessing she left Morgana in charge of that plan, not a wise choice) or Merlin was just delusional... that was hilarious!

I could hear him talking to the bunnies... and then fleeing from them in panic! xD

and the disdain in arthur's voice when Merlin stumbles along prattling about killer bunnies... is so easy to imagine :)
4/15/2011 c1 49jaqtkd
Now Arthur has something else to tease Merlin about. "You look scared, Merlin. Did you see a bunny?"

I like this bit ..

Still gasping, Merlin replied, "Bunnies...teeth...horses." He made exaggerated motions with his hands as he tried to explain.
4/14/2011 c1 2Beizanten
I thought bunny don't eat meat but this is magic bunny who eat human. that is frightening. great story and funny. poor merlin

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