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for Wanted: Dead Or Alive

12/17/2012 c1 18hneilson
What happens next! I Poe it so far but there are afew I cant figure out
7/5/2011 c1 Anonymous Rex
As usual, I'm somewhat stumped (fo rthe most part) on the identities of these outlaws, but here are my best guesses:

1. Duncan?

2. Izzy, definitely

3. Geoff, maybe, or Trent (probably Trent)

4. Heather?

5. Cody?

6. ?

I'm completely stumped about Number Six; I will hazard a major guess, and say that is it Bridgette? I have no clue.
4/23/2011 c1 kjhgsfgfgkflklllljlj
2 is easy- Izzy. 4 is likely Heather or Courtney. 1... Duncan, maybe? or Al. 3, i have the same question. if i knew who six was, it'd be simpler- if 6 is Courtney, i'd say 3 is Duncan and one is Al. if 6 is Heather, i'd say 3 is Alejandro and 1 is Duncan. so, 6 is either Heather or Courtney. which leaves me with 5. wait... i think i remember seeing these before. yes, i've seen that picture somewhere. hold on...*goes to devientart, returns a minute later* AHA!

Duncan, Courtney, Bridgette, Harold, Izzy, and Trent. in- hopefully- this order.

1. Duncan

2. Izzy

3. Trent

4. Courtney

5. Harold

6. Bridgette

so, there ya go.
4/17/2011 c1 3merdisney
omg eek! I love it :D So far I can only guess number 2 XD PLEASE UPDATE! :D im hooked!
4/16/2011 c1 5Toonster9
I really enjoyed reading this thrilling plot. I look foward reading the rest of the story. Maybe I'll add it as a favorite if it gets too intersting.
4/16/2011 c1 Zachary M. Wish
This is going to be a good story!

1: Duncan

2: Izzy

3: Trent

4: Heather

5: Horald

6: Bridg or Courtney
4/15/2011 c1 CS
Sweet! ^^ I saw Shilogh-Izzy123's work a while ago, and it's awesome you're making a story out of her artwork. Looking forward for upcoming chapters!
4/15/2011 c1 1Bowserboy129
My guess is cortany Duncan Seeira Cody Harold and brig
4/15/2011 c1 TrueJackVP408
I just realized something, XD I don't think that Geoff is right for number five. If there's one thing he's not, it's timid and shy. Let's see, it said that his love was shattered...

The two that I'm thinking of are Harold and Cody.

Cody because of Gwen, and Harold because of Leshawna.

I'm thinking more of Harold though, because he truly loved Leshawna and she broke his heart. :P

So yeah, my new list? XD

1: Duncan

2: Izzy

3: Trent

4: Courtney

5: Harold

6: Bridgette
4/15/2011 c1 25babydon'tletmefall
This is amazing! :D

1: Duncan

2: Izzy

3: Trent

4: Courtney

5: Geoff

6: Bridgette

4/15/2011 c1 PhenomsServant
Well after I read this chapter I went to Shilogh-Izzy123's deviant art page to see who everybody was (yeah I cheated if u wanted to make everyone guess who everyone is u shouldnt have put the place where the pictures were in the intro) anyways after that I discovered whats Gwen's fate will be so...yeah this will probably be my only review. Sorry.
4/15/2011 c1 19RGZ Archer
As clechie as it sounds, I could hear Bon Jovy's 'Dead of Alive' ever so lightly playing in the back of my mind reading this lol. Its a good start, and it has a lot of potential, I look foward to seeing what comes of this.

Lets see now, who are the sinister six.

1. Duncan (he's the only one I can see killing another person)

2. Izzy (the only one I know for fact)

3. Owen or Trent (only ones I coud see using the broken heart defense)

4. Courtney ('princess' kind of a give away)

5. Geoff (see below)

6. Bridgett (she and Geoff are your OTP, kinda easy to figure out lol)

Thats my guess anyways,
4/15/2011 c1 Unidentified Fanfic Overseer
The bad guys:

1: It's a he, so Duncan?

2: Girl, Beth? In the TDI opening she had burning torches+she lives on a farm...

3: He...Justin.

4: Courtney

5: Cody

6: Gwen

Am I completely wrong?

4/15/2011 c1 nickiscool2
all i know is







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