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for House of Anubis & The Kane Chronicles

11/4/2017 c1 Nita
11/27/2016 c2 Nyla
I will kill you!I hate you.
11/28/2015 c1 Caroline
Great story but watch the grammar with the speech. I don't really get the poseidon500 thing because it's an egyptian mythology story but keep typing.
2/19/2015 c1 Guest
please continue the story
1/2/2015 c1 Mrs.Carter Kane
OMG please
6/10/2014 c2 Loki
Wow just wow making THAT crossover and then discontinuing it after second no first chapter? well who knows it might one day be adopted by someone who can finish this intriguing idea
3/3/2014 c2 Guest
what the heck was that?
1/12/2014 c2 mysteiriousman
poseidon500 i will soooooooooo adopt this story!
12/15/2013 c2 Rebel
I feel like punching you
12/15/2013 c1 Rebel
cool so far
4/7/2013 c1 goku622498
I did not like the book it does not feel like the Kane chronicles there is a way you feel when you read the Kane chronicles
3/28/2013 c2 Guest
please continue the story. pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaassssssssssssssssssssss ssssssse
12/12/2012 c1 Guest
cccccccccccooooooooooooooooo ooooolllllllllllllllllllllll lllllllllllllll!
7/19/2011 c2 1staynicholasjonas
I would love to adopt the story but apperantly I'm like halfway through The Red Pyramid like on chapter 23... haha :) But I did finish watching HoA :) so yeah

7/14/2011 c1 2some.hearts.never.heal
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