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11/8/2011 c10 insignificantBiatch
aww.finally tyler got to know about his little darling.ahh!thank please let tyler meet caroline and his little angel.update soon.
10/30/2011 c9 chillwithJyl
3 3 3
10/29/2011 c9 angelhalo
WOW, this was just perfect. You totally have to make a sequel! Please? :D
10/29/2011 c9 PENNY
Please continue Easy to Love ! I wanna see what happens next with Tyler , Caroline and the baby :) I love ittt pleasee continue this one ! :)
10/29/2011 c9 insignificantBiatch
aww sweetly sad.i do hope with all my heart that in the show caroline gets pregnant with tyler's child(children.i want them to have twins or better triplets).i don't how that's gonna happen,but i want it to happen.and if it does happen i hope that tyler will be there for caroline.i loved this chapter.please make another version or part of this chapter where tyler gets to know about his baby and visits caroline.and please update soon
10/29/2011 c9 Bella.Bimbo
Wished you'd continue this easy to love fanfic ! It has a really good potential ! You should think to make this one shot a multi chapter fanfic ! Trust would be awesome ! :) Please continue this fanfic !
10/21/2011 c8 chillwithJyl
Oh my. That was super sad. :( I loved it!
10/20/2011 c8 xBlownxAwayx
Ahh! Update soon! I want things to be all better...poor Caroline.
10/20/2011 c8 PeaceandCupcakes
Please update soon
10/16/2011 c7 xBlownxAwayx
I love it! You should do something about Tyler always being there to save Caroline. I've noticed that despite the fact that she's a vampire, she plays the damsel in distress a lot. Like in 3x03!
10/15/2011 c7 Crystal
This is cute you should definitely start a story out of this :)
7/2/2011 c6 twotoe
Love the sentiment and this is nice Forwood. Just as a by the by a 'fortnight' is two weeks or 14 days, so Tyler would not change every fortnight.
6/21/2011 c5 PeaceandCupcakes
love this couple
6/8/2011 c5 twotoe
I love any happy Forwood that ends up with them together and being sweet to each other. This was very nice.
6/8/2011 c5 12sarahserenity6296
I love the picture!
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