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11/10/2011 c1 50Madam'zelleG
Oh my goodness...that was so incredibly sad and beautiful. It just about brought me to tears.

I really like the way that you keep everything just about right; it's not too melodramatic but just the right amount of bittersweet sadness. Very lovely.

I would love to see you expand on this a bit more because I think that could spend more time gearing up for your ending and it would make the story pack even more of a punch. I would also suggest that you spend some more time with the Granger parents. Show us why WE should care that Hermione has to do this.

All in all, a very sweet and sad story. Well done!
6/11/2011 c1 1Angie in Goat Head Soup
Wow! Your story is so sad, but so nice! You are a really talented writer.
4/29/2011 c1 I love Harry Potter
I love Harry Potter, as you can see above! I love your story so much because it is so in depth, and you really see how much Hermione struggles to do what is right to keep them safe. You are a great writer!
4/20/2011 c1 9roslintower
That's sad...Great job, it was well-written. There were a few spelling mistakes, but all in all it was great.
4/19/2011 c1 The Smirking Person
Oh my gosh. I listened to the song while reading, and I almost cried. This was really deep and emotional. You captured her thoughts perfectly. :(

p.s. I hope you're not tired of me reviewing...(and i read slow! aren't you proud?)

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