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1/17/2012 c4 4Alpha Centarus
this is REALLY good. i love how you have made a fantastic storyline/plot while keeping funnier elements involved. this is more than i can do believe me. keep updating and have fun. do not force yourself to write if your muses are not cooperating :D

1/15/2012 c4 8ABundleOfDaydreams
10/1/2011 c4 Remnas
I'm going to guess Cloud's experience with heroism stems from Tifa's accident in Nibilheim when she tried going up the mountain looking for her mom and Cloud brought her back to the village. Course I'm not sure if that's actually part of the storyline or if I'm mixing up fanfics. As far as aesir goes, I think it's suiting that Zacks sword is named after the Norse pantheon of gods.
9/19/2011 c4 Azera-v
I love this take, update soon please! Haven't seen you update in a while! Please continue it!
9/8/2011 c4 insane devill
good story and very interesting way of explaining everything I really enjoyed reading it
7/6/2011 c4 6f.m. kit kat
Wow. This story is amazing! I love the way you write the characters! Normally I hate it when authors through backstories into their fics but I'm really really enjoying them. You did a good job slipping them in the story. I hope cloud and zack will be alright. Please PLEASE continue and update soon! I wanna know what happens! .
6/29/2011 c4 MomoSenpai8907
Omg ure amazing I love this story so much so much detail and passion wahh why did this chapter hafta end it was getting to the mushy romance part I was hoping genny would make out with cloudy kins hehe all well a cute chu to the forhead was just as sweet ^^ I heart u lol I can't wait for the next chapter keep up the amazing work hurray :)
6/23/2011 c4 10Loraliell
I like this story it´s really good, especially the cute kitten - killer cat part ^^. I have an idea for a name for Zacks Buster sword - Ookami Meiyo - It means Wolf´s honor or at least it should and I think it´s kind of fitting. Angeal is Zacks mentor so the honor part fits and in Advent Children Zack takes the form of a black Wolf.

I´m looking forward to the next chapter.

Love Loraliell
6/22/2011 c4 Neige-Hiruseki
oh pleaseeee! update sooooon! - i can´t wait for the next chapter! =) great story! love it!=)
6/16/2011 c1 12BetaRayThorse
this is a great first chapter. I laughed a couple of time, mostly at Genesis, but you also got to worry about Cloud. Great job.
6/4/2011 c4 33coolgamer
love the story please update soon!
5/31/2011 c4 siarafaerie-101-miss
fantastic! update again soon?

5/28/2011 c4 Wineko
Aw, its so cute to see them all interact pre-devastation :3

I really like the way you portrayed Genesis in this chapter, it seemed closer to his personality, and as a Genesis fan I'm always happy to see him written well.

I wonder how the four of them felt when Cloud came out of the shower smelling like all of them, did Cloud even realize he did that? XD

And now I'm all psyched up for the next chapter, you left it at a great cliff hanger. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the next chapter after the set up you layed out.

There was one thing that bothered me though, it was Clouds reaction when he first stepped into the apartment. I though he had been there before (after the incident where he met everyone) but in this chapter it seemed like it was his first time inside.

I might be completely off here of course, but I was just curious. Was it a different apartment? I might even be remembering it incorrectly or confusing the situation in which case please feel free to completely ignore me or send nasty messages to my inbox.

Also I was actually interested to know what your mother language was? You don't have to tell me of course I'm just curious like that. It'll get me into trouble one day I'm sure :]

Please keep writing, I love reading your story! I always get so excited when I see it's been updated.
5/26/2011 c4 1Wintersheart1766
I do believe the "event" of which you speak is Cloud following Tifa into the Niebleheim Mountains in an attempt to keep her safe but unfortunately they both fall from the rope bridge and Tifa is seriously hurt. The whole town blames Cloud for the accident when they should have praised him for trying to protect her. Had she gone alone as she had planned; No one would have discovered her there unconscious until it was too late.
5/25/2011 c4 4Anarane-Sensei
XD I love this! Can't wait till the next chapter and doesn't Zack's sword have a name? :/ hmm, I don't remember, you could maybe look it up in Wiki ^^ ~3
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