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7/24 c11 Guest
I read this years ago. I just read in it again in a few days. You are so talented and I thank you for this riveting story.
7/22 c1 Guest
This was extremely beautifully written. It was realistic, yet very uniquely created. Although I didn’t care for Ginny’s characterization as much within this story, the author carried Ginny, the plot and overall story so well I found it impossible to not become enthralled. Definitely a 10/10.
7/15 c11 Estelle
Beautifully done. One of the best Harry Potter fanfiction I've ever read. Actually gives a character to Ginny than a little girl who believes in comic book hero and dead set on marrying him. And it gave more depth to the relationship with Harry. In canon it felt like it was too hurriedly written. I really liked the idea of a sisterhood. Wonderful.
7/5 c11 1Zuzik612
This is the first time in a long time – years, maybe – since I cried on a fan fiction. In eight minutes it's gonna be midnight, and I'm sitting in my room and crying and my tears are getting on my keyboard and I don't know why and it doesn't make sense.
I guess I just... I don't know. It hits hard. Normally I prefer darker fanfictions with corruption arcs and usually stick to them, but oh Morgana, I read this fanfic in one sitting. (I feel like I'm gonna be overusing "I don't know" in this review, sorry.)
I don't know what makes me feel like this. The writing? Ginny's character arc? Her change from a confused loner to the Queen she is? How the war affected other people, who weren't the Chosen One? How life at Hogwarts was like from other perspective, especially during the Carrows' reign? Other characters, so masterfully written? Or the final battle itself, that finally brought tears to my eyes? Which is weird, considering when I was first reading the original Deathly Hallows I managed to not shed a tear even once. And now I'm all teary-eyed and red-faced from crying. I just want to congratulate the author for doing a truly amazing job at writing this. I love it so, so much. And I'm sorry for everyone reading if it makes little sense and is hard to read: I'm still shaken and my face is still wet. I'm sorry.
6/29 c11 1OthershoreAsura
Hands down one of the best bloody fic, I've ever read.
6/11 c11 5aalens
This has been what I could hardly wait to read every evening for a few days now. Thank you so much, it was a great pleasure.
6/9 c11 Guest
Well I'll be damned - thank you for a brilliant story.
6/3 c11 1Alm.Tree
this is the best fanfiction i have ever read. and i am RIDICULOUSLY picky. You are incredible. there’s not one thing I would have done differently. if you aren’t writing for a living then quit your job because you need to be.
I only wish we could have known more about the Shafiqs. But I’m also glad their privacy and mystery was preserved. it wouldn’t have made sense otherwise. but i would have loved to learn more about my fellow arabs.
5/29 c7 wkwestbay
This is an Incredable Story! I can’t get enough! ️
5/28 c11 Guest
Such an amazing read! I could not put it down till I had devoured the whole thing. I can’t thank the author enough for this️
5/26 c11 Fmvcl
Thank you very much ! It was really great !
5/7 c11 Frozensilvers
It totally enraptured my attention, I couldn't help but stick to every single word. I never came across such a brilliant concept! Your story makes me wish that the sorting was canon.
4/27 c11 Guest
Unbelievably and breathtakingly well written, truly a masterpiece
4/22 c11 2Liakhu
Oh My god, this was brilliant.
I would love to know about Smita tho, was waiting for her all along.
Loved every word of this, thank you so much.
4/12 c5 xvector
“She just remembers [...] the grim beat of something like satisfaction she’d felt when Harry revealed that Draco hadn’t been able to kill Dumbledore.”

I love this fic so far but I found the lack of guilt on Ginny’s part kind of surprising here. She was in a position to prevent this altogether, but a Slytherin-victim complex meant that she dismissed Harry’s concerns and didn’t care to further investigate obviously suspicious circumstances regarding Draco (“kill or be killed” - Draco basically admits to planned murder!).

Part of the lesson Ginny is learning, is when it is right to use power and when not to. But surely, preventing a (however unwillingly) marked Death Eater from carrying out their plans for likely murder during wartime is an instance where usage of power justifiable? At the very least, I thought this would be a learning moment for Ginny where she could reflect on her complete and utter failure to heed Harry’s advice, and further form a more complete understanding of when it is appropriate to use power.

I also found the lack of any accusatory reaction from Harry towards Ginny surprising. Dumbledore was the only guardian figure Harry had left, and you could say that Ginny’s failure to investigate Draco despite Harry’s repeated warnings was part of the reason that Dumbledore died. But Harry seems to take this in stride. Even if Harry tends to traditionally blame himself, I found the lack of strained tensions between him and Ginny, alongside the lack of an apology from Ginny towards him (for assuming the worst of him, and for letting her victim complex override reality), fairly bizarre.
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