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for Our Devotion Is Forever

3/1/2020 c2 Mira
3 You are the best!
2/11/2019 c2 13hopetess
please will you continue this story soon. also will you be updating black bunny soon.
4/14/2018 c2 awefanfic
Hope you update this story!really want to know how their relationship is build up!
12/28/2017 c2 DiahKu
can you please update this? love it so much!
1/17/2017 c2 2MajaS
So good!
2/20/2016 c2 Guest
So glad I found this...I love all the pairings In the Black bunny, especially these two and Draco and the fiends
8/12/2015 c2 NoOne425454
Great story. I love how sweet they are.

Can't wait for more.
3/7/2015 c2 emthereble
love it !
3/3/2015 c1 6TearfullPixie
Love it so much
9/22/2014 c1 ntalcenent
Nice to have the backstory on Severus and Lucius.
3/5/2014 c2 Djburnham
I love TBB story.. even though I think they should have killed Ginny... and you left us at that cliff teetering on the edge in a high wind... naughty you. I am also enjoy this additional visit to that AU... NEVER thought I would like Snape/Malfoy, but I really do. Thanks.
2/10/2014 c2 1Lw117149
lol nice
1/17/2014 c2 UniverseScoutNebula
More please!
8/20/2013 c1 Kison
2/15/2013 c2 3tydeerose
Awesome! Loveeeee this story too!
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