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for The curse of the fox

2/15/2014 c8 HowlingAfina
Thanks for the note. Let me know when the stories are reposted. I would love to read them
8/2/2012 c6 Guest
Why haven't I seen haruhi much yet :o or Mori Honey Tamaki Kyoya ? All is the twins I would've known they could've called haruhi cute or something TTTT
8/2/2012 c1 Guest
Before I even read his! I just wanted to say PURAN HIGHSCOOL HOST CLUB WAS ONE OF MY FAV ANIMES EVER AND SOMIS FRUITS BASKET :D I always thought of something like this like haruhi and tohru sorta look alike except there eyes and I always wanted to see a cross over I'm excited to even read this thanks so much for making it :D
3/13/2012 c4 6ChasingAJourney
brilliant! AHMAZEING! Wonderful! XD
9/18/2011 c7 inu-lover187014
9/18/2011 c7 27Yumi-is-not-here-anymore
The chapter was good! So the twins met Hope by accident! i thought they were neighbours or something! Please update soon!
9/14/2011 c6 Yumi-is-not-here-anymore
The story sounds very interesting! Why is only Ayame afraid of Hope? Everyone else seems fine! And Hikaru and Kaoru seem like over-protective brother! Please update soon!
7/17/2011 c6 completelyinactive
Ok I'm not hating I swear! But in yin and yang yin is the evil one and yang is good, but otherwise great chapter!
7/17/2011 c6 28WaterbenderJ
OMG thanks for the 'special thanks' lol. i'm glad you liked the ideas! actually, i can't really remeber the ideas i gave you, ill look at the messages and remeber! :D
6/16/2011 c4 7Swaggie McSwagster
it's really good! keep writing!
5/6/2011 c3 freakyfriday13
Ok, I love the story so far, and so much! It's great!
5/5/2011 c4 Mahalin
please write more soon
4/21/2011 c4 IloveHikaru
This story is wonderful! Write on! :)
so awesome keep rocking

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