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for Rio: Forgotten Memories

6/19/2011 c15 name
This would be a good story if you had a beta. There are so many mistakes and unneeded details... Gah... Could you re- write this, please? It would be a great story, without all the.. errors. Im not trying to be mean, but this really was horrible. The idea was great, if unoriginal, but the way you presented it was aweful. I skipped half of a page, and when I started reading again, it was still at the same place. So. Many. Unnecesarry. DETAILS! Again, not trying to be mean or flame, but GEEZ! Please get a beta so people like me can read this without getting a headache.

6/19/2011 c14 Faithful Follower
Thank you so much for helping me with that review! It means a whole lot to me! By the way, this story is fantastic! It's very well written and it's very descriptive! This story holds a very deep meaning and it definitely impacted me! I'm looking forward to many more great Rio fanfics from you! Thanks again!
6/16/2011 c14 Faithful Follower
Please read this review because it is very urgent! This was quite an amazing story and I enjoyed reading it but that's not why I'm here. I just recently finished reading the first chapter (and only chapter so far) of "Rio: Fear and Feathers in Las Vegas," a story written by Ted Wakeman and Project NICK. I decided to browse the reviews submitted for the story and discovered a hideous one, submitted by the anonymous "Reviewer." I was disgusted at the review and quickly typed my own against it, only to discover that I was too late and couldn't submit it on time. Ted Wakeman had disabled anonymous reviews (I clearly saw why) while I was typing mine. I felt useless and hopeless for wrecking the chance of helping to assure Ted Wakeman that Reviewer was very wrong for what he/she said. Then, I decided that I could request you to let the author know of the review I tried to submit (I figured that you were well associated with him since you gave him permission to riff this story in "Brazilian Macaw Theater 3000"). Please notify Ted Wakeman of this review and show it to him as soon as possible.

This is the review I tried to submit for "Rio: Fear and Feathers In Las Vegas:"

I have read all of your's and Project NICK's Rio stories ever since they were published. I laughed and felt a lot of emotion reading those stories. I deeply fell in love with them and I will always remember the entertainment I experienced reading them. However, I was lazy, and never submitted any reviews to those stories to let both of you authors know how incredible they are. I now regret it. I was very excited to hear of your collaboration and, upon reading it, I felt that "Rio: Fear and Feathers in Las Vegas" was well on its way to becoming exactly what it deserves to be: the biggest and best Rio fanfic! I then discovered a sick review submitted by "Reviewer" (which I'm sure you know about). I decided to take action against this shameful review. I can easily tell that both of you authors enjoy writing and you love it with your heart and soul. Your dedication to writing these fanfics show that you live for and breath these fanfics. On top of that, people love your stories and they are huge successes. You created this story like any other one you created, because you wanted to. You're doing it because you love doing it and you want to share your wonderful stories with the rest of the world. You want to entertain readers. You want to make them laugh and feel emotion. Reviewer, however, misunderstood your motives and decided to submit a terrible and shameful review. I'm submitting this review to let you know that he/she is very wrong. Just because someone's stories are popular and acclaimed, doesn't mean they write them simply for that. I know that you don't care about any of that recognition, as long as you enjoyed creating the story. The reviews and popularity is simply icing on the cake. Reviewer, though, believes otherwise, stating that you don't care about the stories themselves, just how well known they are. I can obviouly tell he/she didn't put much thought into their review. To me, it simply seems that Reviewer is jealous of how brilliant both of you authors are. He/she just wants to state a bunch of lies to make you feel bad. Remember how many faithful fans you have and simply ignore this horrible excuse for a human being! You are both very talented authors and I encourage you to keep working on this wonderful fanfic! I can't wait for more from you two!
6/11/2011 c14 LucidPhoton
Maybe a sequel? But have Clyde fall in love Or something
6/8/2011 c14 Dove
Ohhh... This could mean a sequel or more chapters. Oh I want to tell you that FERNANDO is a TEENAGER. Yes he looks young in the movie but if you go to it says. It has rio secrets
6/5/2011 c14 26side-fish
i must say, if this story reflected ur life, then this story must really speak to u.

story seems a bit rushed with some minor proofreading needed, but it's readable anyway, so it's cool :).

i'd say that the story doesn't fall flat. the flow was good. miller died just in time... er in the right time. i still dun like greek mythology.

I find Castillo's obsession with Andrew a bit premature. It's interesting to know what Andrew was, but to use this ability for good? What exactly are the applications of turning from a bird to a human? Wouldn't a human have to turn to a bird in the first place? Although talking with animals is another thing, but i dun think Castillo knows about this, so yeah.

I dunno why, but it seems like a common thing that when it comes to experiments, it follows that the word is associated with scientists, experiments, government. I just think it's a bit overrated. Somehow, something tells me you plan a sequel for this... well, at least for Andrew and his life after this. Perhaps you might cook something different though. i dunno.

Some questions, what exactly was the countdown for? If this happened before Blu and Jewel made chicks, why did Andrew not appear in the ending of the movie =P?
6/1/2011 c14 3Master Derek
I like the way you quoted atlantis in the battle with Nigel.

Is this the final story you should make a sequel!
6/1/2011 c14 The Jokerman
*thumps up!*
5/24/2011 c13 Captain J. Hook
5/23/2011 c13 26side-fish
you know what's funny, all the songs you 'infringed'. lol just kidding but I've never seen so many songs in one fic =PPPP!

You know, i get the feeling that armando will be the new guard in the sanctuary. just a thought that crossed me.
5/18/2011 c12 1Steam-Wolf
I love this story great job
5/14/2011 c12 26side-fish
you're story is getting very exciting to be honest. i dun rly have much to say.

unno, if blu is always angry every so often, it's gonna give him gray feathers =P. if this happened before they made chicks, he did a good job hiding his secret anger issues at the end of the movie.

u r snr. year college undergrad, eh. lol, ur not the only one. celebrating a life after college =).
5/14/2011 c12 2Battleshiplid
Awesome story, awesome song, as always, amazing drama that's not to sappy, no wonder this is one of my favourite storeys! keep it up and good luck with your finals!
5/14/2011 c12 77JFox101
sad, we're winding down now. mayb ull contribute to the HPRio cross section next? mayb u could adopt Road to Rio?

BTW, HRA: The Phiiosopher's Stone is up. review?
5/10/2011 c11 4JRB95
Very interesting indeed! I am curious about what will happen next please update soon! Oh and the songs you chose were also very fitting!
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