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for Rio: Forgotten Memories

5/7/2011 c11 3Zacarais
Very nice story! Could use a bit more description... Please tell me when you will release the next chapter! XD
5/6/2011 c11 2Battleshiplid
Oh my God! First thing, finally you update, I was beginning to worry!

An awesome addition to your previous chapter, and once more the choice of music, AMAZING! especially Hold On and Cod Favela.

The second to last paragraph was just insane, how are you going to be able to follow on from this?

Also this chapter has mad me think of about 6 (at least) different meanings for your count down.

I love chapters where the truth is revealed in overly dramatic ways, and this is no exception. Although this story is the only story I know of that use music as a way to stir up emotions; and with each chapter the music fit the situation more and more!

You have no idea of how much I LOVE this story.
5/6/2011 c11 26side-fish
wow. Favela theme. funny thing, everytime i play MW2 and play in the Favela map, somehow reminds me of Rio lol. Likewise, shanties in the movie reminded me of MW2.

anyway, i didn't expect clyde to spill the beans that way. i'm not sure but i think blu didn't take the news very well. hopefully, u can elaborate on that =).

i think u rushed some parts. some typo grammar errors here and there but nothing a little Sleight of Hand Pro couldn't fix =P.
5/6/2011 c11 Captain J. Hook
Thank you for not putting language.Keep it up!
5/6/2011 c11 77JFox101
how the hell does Andrews "father" know wha he is now?

and u havent reviewed Harry's Rio Adventure yet!
5/4/2011 c1 JB Fan
Really good! I hope blu turns out ok with Andrew.
5/4/2011 c10 Delta104
This is by far one of the best Rio fanfictions. I just hope that you update soon.
5/3/2011 c10 Random Rio Fan
Good suspence mixed with Blu's anger really makes me feel eager to read the next chapter.
5/1/2011 c10 LtRonaldSpeirsFoo
Can't wait for the nxt chapter man...
5/1/2011 c1 Captain J. Hook
4/30/2011 c10 Guest
Poor Blu :(
4/30/2011 c10 26side-fish
You can really feel Blu's anger here. and he yelled at jewel. i wonder how that will go for Blu and Jewel. Blu's rage sounds better than my rage quit btw lol. God I was playing this game just a while ago and there was this part that I sprayed all my bullets on this guy and he still doesn't die. He sprayed a few bullets and I died. It radiated towards the rest of the game. No it's not Black Ops lol, it's Bad Company 2. rage over ISP now :(.

I dunno if this will be a bother, but try to avoid swears :). I know ur a realist kind of writer, but the fic is spawned from a movie targeting viewers of all ages. You can get the same effect without the swears ;). I'm not used to characters in the movie swearing =P.
4/30/2011 c10 2Battleshiplid
I'm so speechless. THAT WAS THE BEST CHAPTER YET! I can not describe how I'm felling. I'm guessing that the countdown is to some kind of zero hour, but oh my god, that was so intense, the drama and tension just keeps getting better and better!
4/28/2011 c9 Spiers
The song 'Son of man' was really a good choice, keep up the good work =)
4/27/2011 c9 Battleshiplid
2 main things. The first is that you are really evil, at the start I thought that there was going to be another dramatic moment where the truth is revealed, but no, I have to wait... again.

Secondly,Yet again the song speaks for the feelings that your story is producing. especially the bit near the end; about the mentor and apprentice. Another awesome chapter. I believe that the TRUTH will be revealed when Andrews father finds him...
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