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8/18/2012 c1 kinsano
Wow, what a horrible experience and yet maybe not completely? Way to go Maggie for beating up that guy! I hope you can stay in touch with Maggie-she sounds like a friend to keep. And of course Orange was truly a wonderful friend. I guess you got to see in a microcosm how people are: good, bad and indifferent.
2/5/2012 c1 jesmtl
Your story rings very true. This is why I would never attempt a premiere. I don't think I could survive the disappointment. I am very impressed with your courage to stick through such an awful night for the hope of that magical moment. I don't think I could have handled all the awful people who try to take advantage of every situation. There are far too many in the world. Did you pot your story on Robsessed? It sounds very familiar. Would love to know if you are one of the regular posters on Robsessed. I have been lurking for years and feel areal affinity for a lot of the regulars.
1/25/2012 c1 6FoxxyJ
Wow! Reading your experience made my heart flutter and my stomach turn (yeah, not in a good way). I don't know why fan events are f$%^ed up so badly. It's not rocket science people!

I went to the WFE Sydney premier. I had similar highs and lows to you too. I got to see him as he walked passed in a flash. Dean didn't let him come to meet the fans that were waiting were i was...the annoying part was that we were ticket holders and had paid money to be there. Dean shuffled him over the side of the red carpet to people who had just lined up an hour before for free.

It was pretty disappointing because it was just seriously bad organisation. I was standing with other ticket holders who had flown to Sydney from Japan, Malaysia, all parts of Australia...I flew in myself and stayed the weekend. None of us got a chance to have our moment. It was really disappointing and it wasn't Rob's fault at all. It was just bad organisation.

I will say that I was happy that I actually got to see him with my own eyes, because he is more beautiful than i ever would have imagined. I also met some amazing women while we waited, but there were also fans there that i wanted to gag and remove! Such a mixed experience, and like you, i'm not sure if i would do it again...but then again, i know more now, and the lure of getting a moment is still strong. LOL

Reese did stop by our section and signed and chatted. She is lovely, and i'd also love to have a coffee with her. So that made up for it in some ways.

Thanks for sharing your experience.
1/9/2012 c1 KRC28
Loved it. Thank you for sharing your experience! I will always wonder what it's like to be in his presence. Never had the experience. Thank you for letting me live vicariously through you!
1/6/2012 c1 LoveStoned4Rob
I'm just getting ready to start SGMR, and as I do with every new fic I start, I read the author's profile and look at any other works they may have penned.

That is how I came across your account of the WFE NY wristband/red carpet fiasco April 2011. Yes, I was there, too. Number

I had forgotten most of the frustrating moments of that overnight fiasco, but have clung desperately to the fun times I had. I remember my first thoughts when they went down the line telling us Rob & Reese were sending pizza..."Holy crap, this is as close to a 'date' with Robert Pattinson that I'll ever get." I met a really nice woman who travelled all the way from Scotland. It was a gift from her husband. I met so many fabulous ladies from the fandom. I'm a very social person, so even in spite of the horrific conditions, I managed to meet so many nice women. And Carlos was great!

Besides actually getting Rob's autograph, the highlight of my time was being close enough to see first-hand his flawless complection. I've never seen anything like it. He is truly a beautiful man. He looked my friend directly in the eye, she swooned. He gave her a full 'Robert Pattinson' autograph. She definitely had her Moment. I guess I had an almost Moment. He didn't actually 'see' me and only scribbled a 'Rob' on my magazine cover. I will, however, take that. I am content with my 'almost moment'.

I went to NYC with 2 friends, and we discussed the probability of us ever doing another red carpet event for one of Rob's movies. Back in April it was a resounding NO! Now, we're reconsidering and hoping Cosmopolis will premier in NY. We will head back to the Big Apple, but a lot smarter than we were for WFE.

I hope you were one of the nice ladies I encountered in that dreadful line :) It's nice to think I may have spent some time chatting up a famous fanfiction author :) All the best to you! I can't wait to read SGMR!
12/30/2011 c1 haveyouconsiderednot
This was quite interesting, especially the point on people wanting to be "seen". I went on an ADD detour (no really, I have a scrip and a therapist and everything!) and it turned into a weird sociological octopus with random half-remembered articles and bits. It went something like (thoughtchain) media rises, movies=marketing, that weird 150 friends thing and Facebook and social circles being overwhelming after that, are people connecting famous faces into it? Liking to see the same faces in different roles 'cause people connect with them better, like they have a half-spot in your personal "tribe"? Though maybe it's more proven marketable success… but maybe it's marketable because of that? And something about pretty faces= symmetrical= good genetics playing into why people focus on Hollywood.

I dunno. It was all very confusing and made my head hurt because I don't know enough to weed through all the musings and possible links to other stuff floating around… so then I rolled my eyes and played videogames. Because those challenges are more manageable than the roly-poly thoughts of a barely-higher-educated ADD brain. Less circles and mindfuckery…
11/30/2011 c1 1wakingsky
Thanks for sharing this...

I have been following him online since the release of Twilight: the movie. I would really like to meet him, but not rain soaked and tired, but if I could ever wish/hope, it would be to meet him at a pub or maybe an open mic night somewhere.

Believe it or not, I don't want to have sex with him or dry hump him. What I would like to do is just hang out and talk about music while we do shots and smoke! :)
10/26/2011 c1 robshazelnut
First of all huge fan of SGMR and I also was in the line of torture thunder and lighting above us herded in metal barriers nice. I end up freaking on poor author LOL I feel bad to this day but the lies and promises were ridiculous. I was with girl who ran line picking up trash. I was so furious I left red carpet early or I was afraid PR princess and rest were gonna meet my version of face punch, and headed to the today show and camped out there I was ringleader in red silk coat and top hat, I have never ever got so violently sick in my life. My husband asked latter if it was worth it I learned a lot of things that weekend some fans are just wrong, some are amazing, PR people should not treat fans like live stalk, there was no reason they couldn't give wrist bans earlier, oh and the "precious" is amazing and so so sweet thanks to the today show the host Matt grabbed me and my group of circus freaks and said stand here crazy all nighter moms LOL I told Rob about red carpet debacle he was actually pretty sad about what us amazing 201 went through I like to think he cared and the comfort hug was LEGIT. Well anyways to the next crazy fandom mess cheers
8/30/2011 c1 AA
That was kind of amazing - this is a beautiful account of all the joys and heartbreaks of this experience. I can picture it all so clearly. This story is so appropriate for a fanfic audience too because we're all members of a fandom otherwise we wouldn't be here.
8/22/2011 c1 Forgetmenot19
I was there. I can't remember what number I had now. I think it was in the seventies...74, 75. The number seemed to lose its importance when, as you so eloquently shared, it was cheapened by empty PR promises and relentless, desperate fans. I remember early in the night...possibly 9 or 10 pm, a woman came up to the line (mind you this was when we were still in the line outside the theatre doors, not by the Hilton) and she asked, "If you don't mind me asking, what are you brave souls waiting in this line for?" I was so cold and wet and eager for some kind of validation I actually thanked her for calling us brave instead of stupid. I still can't decide which one I was.

And then, when the night was all said and done, and Rob and Kstew had had they're almost kiss in front of the cameras, and I'm sitting across from my friend, putting back a whole bottle of wine, and she states, "But it was SOOOOO worth it..." I actually had to excuse myself to the restaurant bathroom to control my raging emotions. I felt so ungrateful for the half scrawled autograph from Rob my friend had somehow pilfered for me. I didn't believe it was worth it. Because in the midst of the chaos, with Rob coming down the line, girls, women pushing me, I couldn't help but look around and think "My god...We are animals, we are sub-human." And by the time Rob made it to the section where I stood, I found myself averting my gaze. I was ashamed I was part of this strange social experiment of obsession and fame and celebrity culture. And yet...and yet how would I have felt if I had had an "I see you" moment? What if we had gotten to see the movie? Where would the line have been drawn? What would have had to happen so I could look back and think everything I went through was worth it? I can honestly tell you I'm not sure. And I think, perhaps like you, there is still a very minute part of me that wants that chance at the Moment again. It both sickens and excites me.

Finally I suppose I want to thank you for prompting me to finally explore and face the swirling dervish of turmoil and anticipation I think we, the 200 and some odd, felt that long night and day.
8/7/2011 c1 Debbie in S. Florida
Wow. I have to say, first of all, thanks for not only writing this, but sharing it with us who will most likely never experience what you did, going to a premiere and seeing someone we all so admire. It's something I think about in the abstract, like, "It would be really amazing to go to one of his premieres", but I never would have the balls/time/money/etc. to actually do it, so I admire you that you actually did it, and then that you wrote about it and shared it with the rest of us.

I'm so sorry it didn't live up to your expectations-to ALL of our expectations, cuz I'm pretty sure we all have that dream, or a variation of it-"The Moment". I mean, really, just the thought that he could look at us and actually, as you said, "see us" is amazing. I know you're not sure now if it really happened, but I choose to believe it did. I'd like to think that if Rob had the chance, and it wasn't too crazy (I loved that you said everyone respected his well-known wishes and didn't scream), he'd probably be happy to be able to take a minute with each and every person who spent the night waiting to see him. Of course, it would take a week and isn't really feasible, but I like to think he would be the kind of guy who would do that.

I hope, when you think of it, you remember the good parts, the chance to meet your friends in person, to meet new friends, to see Rob, even if you didn't get an autograph or a photo. I'd like to think that, for me, just being in the same proximity as he was would be good enough, though, of course, I've never spent a long, exhausting, cold, frustrating night waiting like you have! I'm hoping that the powers-that-be, whoever the hell they are, do a better job in the future of taking care of the fans who spend their time and energy and money to wait like that. I think Rob would be horrified if he knew you'd been lied to and promised things that weren't delivered. I think if he did, he would've made sure it didn't happen.

Anyway, I'm really glad you shared this. It gave us insight into something that most of us will never get to experience. And I'm looking forward to start SGMR. It sounds like an amazing story!

6/28/2011 c1 1Pinkcookie
Whoa... what an experience. I'm thinking RPATTZ is best left as a nice fantasy. I don't need to meet him. Pinkcookie
6/7/2011 c1 4Ruibin Rua
I just read your account of your experience at the WFE premiere in NY and I have to tell you that I don't think I could have taken it. You and many of the (good) people there showed remarkable resilience. I hope you have recovered now and can look back and believe that Rob *did* see you, and appreciated your soft, kind words over all the empty platitudes he must hear on an almost daily basis. Well done, bb and thank you for your refreshing honesty.
5/18/2011 c1 mauigirl60
Thank you so much for sharing this experience with all of us. First off, I could never do what you did since I happen to have the most fantastic luck (who woulda thought?) of having a child-sized bladder and having to pee at least once an hour? I am sure I would not have been allowed back in line! Road trips are a nightmare, I dehydrate myself and STILL have to pee!

I've always thought they treated people at events with celebrities like animals and now you have first-hand knowledge of it to share. I wish somehow that Rob could find this out, especially about the lies that were told. If this blonde PR person worked for him, she needs to find another job.

It was a great moment for you to just be in his presence. Focus on that and come away with the good from the whole experience. I am not saying you focused on the bad, but people in general really seem to do that. You should have this story published in New York Magazine or some other magazine, please send it in!

I'm also following SGMR which I love also. Thank you for the gift of your writing! :-)
5/8/2011 c1 nicolemariecullen2
its so nice to read such honesty . i feel like you captured what ive felt. ive been one of those crazy women waiting in line , many times , not for robert , but for donnie wahlberg . i guess trying to relive parts of my youth . After concerts just standing there in the rain , the freezing cold , the scorching heat . waiting for a picture and a hug . Donnie loves the attention so ive met him quite a few times . security always tells lies , fans are a nice mix of really sweet girls you connect with or really crazy ones that you hope to god you dont act like lol . The funny thing is i dont even follow what donnie is up to but if NKOTB play a show near me i call up my sister and best friend and you can bet we're there to subject ourselves to the craziness lol thanks again for sharing :)
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