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5/3/2011 c1 AbsurdEnthusiac
Thank you for writing this account! I have often thought that Rob would be one of the most interesting people to have a conversation with, but under what conditions? And what good is a signature or a photograph when the contact never really means a real connection with a person? I think that the words you gave him were perfect, a kind wish from someone who appreciates what she gets from his work, and I am proud to know a fan like you exists who was so graceful in such a horrible situation. His reaction was real, and how lovely when so many people are just trying to take a piece of his flesh and soul along with them in some selfish, twisted way.

Bravo, and your writing was raw and real. I feel like I could see it all!
5/3/2011 c1 1AllyR
Wow, this was really interesting. Your descriptions of people were so dead on, I felt like I knew them. Your cynicism was the part I responded to most, though. I can definitely relate to your situation- although I've never been hardcore enough to wait an entire night in the freezing rain lol. I've waited for hours in line for various concerts and movie premieres, but honestly, it has never been worth it. Meeting your favorite actors and musicians is always a let down in my experience, because we're always left wanting even more. It's a big effing tease, in other words lol. Even if they are the nicest person in the word and everything I hoped they would be, I always walk away feeling empty. Or at least disappointed. Fame is such a funny thing, especially in the Rob fandom. I would never, ever, ever want to be on the level of fame that Rob has reached- you couldn't pay me. He handles it very gracefully, but I'd go nuts. I'm talking flash David Letterman, shave my head, attack paparrazi with an umbrella, type of nuts lol. Anyways, I just wanted to thank you for writing this and sharing your experience- it was a great read!
5/3/2011 c1 jetslink
Wow. Thanks for sharing this experience. Your writing is brilliant.
5/3/2011 c1 KarenAnn4
I have to say, even with all those lies and hurdles, I would have loved to be in that line with you, just that one time. I'm certainly not someone who would usually attend any of those premieres, after all, the last three films I saw in theater were around noon on the following Monday - so I wouldn't have to deal with the gasping, the shrieking, and all those giggles that Mr. Pattinson produces so easily.

But, I would absolutely love to have one of those eye contact moments with Rob. The signature and the photo seem like they're for other people. Your memories out there to share. That eye contact moment, that's just yours and yours alone to rethink over and over and over. So congrats on the moment, and you have my sympathy for pretty much the entirety of the rest of that trip.
5/3/2011 c1 11savannavansmutsmut
Loved your insight on it. You are right. I love your story by the way.I am a fan of yours.

I see you
5/3/2011 c1 6LeechLover81
Wow...even I'm a little teary eyed for you. I seriously thought about going but no one to go with and money constrants kept me from going to it.

A photo or an autograph to me was just proof that you were there. The way I see it was you were special. If I were him I would have seen you for what you were, someone who stood in line all night in the freezing rain just to tell him 'hello.' You didn't ask him for anything, you didn't need anything materialistic from him. If I were in his position, that's what I would remember.
5/1/2011 c1 KitSmitty
Hi Liz!

I'm one of the "Three women, who met on a fansite and are now RL friends"...& wrist band #169...& loved my NYC/WFE adventure with ya'll! Yes, the way it all played out may not have been what I had in mind, I could have skipped the cold rain, but at the same time it was better in lots of ways than what I thought might happen too! In my dream HA! Now really, I wasn't sure how close I might get to HIM & then I actually got to see Rob RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME & got his autograph...Loved all of that! What you said about Rob being..."More beautiful than I am capable of describing."...absolutely true! The man was GORGEOUS in person & seemed very was all worth it for those few moments in the Rob vortex...I would do it again! The night outside, it was just part of the experience for me...I enjoyed getting to meet & spend time talking with you & Maggie & the Poteet, Tx girls (niece & aunt), the other fans in line with us and Carlos. *grins* It was so cool that Deb & the author of WFE, Sara Gruen came out to visit & check on us, sign stuff & take wet pictures too! As for the next time...I'm ready!
5/1/2011 c1 Jlivest
Wow Liz - you nailed the experience perfectly! I traveled from Florida - dragging my two best friends (who happen to intensely dislike each other but obviously love me enough to come) - and our experience mirrored yours. Except we got to the theater on Saturday at noon - there were 8 people there, so I told besties to go get our shit - this was it. Until security made us leave and swore nobody could start lining up until midnight. When BFF1 and I went to the cocktail party at the Hilton, and saw the line outside - I truly believed those folks were in for a disappointing time when security made them leave. But noooooo... at about 9:00 when I realized they were still there - I hauled ass out there like it was my job to secure my place (in cocktail dress and high heels no less) and sent BFF1 to get BFF2 and our gear. And yeah - around 3:30 am - as I'm shivering in my camp chair (never realized the whole correlation of standing up = not so cold) I looked at both BFFs (who were able to catnap since they got dressed for the weather in a dry hotel room as opposed to myself grabbing my jeans and a sweatshirt they brought me with sneaks sans socks) - well, I sat there and wondered how pissed they'd be if I said " it - I'm out". I mean, these two women (one from Florida and and one from Washington) couldn't give a rats ass less about meeting Rob - but both couldn't stand the thought that I might and they NOT be there to share it with me. So yeah, I toughed it out. And we got our armbands - 186, 187 and 188. BFF1 was my photographer and BFF2 was my videographer, and I - I had printed an 8x10 pic of Rob and Tai that he'd taken on a press junket to get autographed. I kept hoping he'd realize how big a fan I was of HIS since I had a picture of HIM- not as Edward, not as Jacob, not as Photoshoot Rob - but Rob in his blue button up, khaki pants and unlaced Doc Martin sexboots. I had thought about what I'd say to him for MONTHS and just prayed it'd get his attention - get him to "see" me - as you so eloquently stated in your piece. And you were so right - we just wanted to be "seen" - for him to acknowledge and somehow appreciate the lengths we go to just to make that eye contact. I have to say - I didn't really think I'd get that close to him really - so the fact that I did get face-to-face was considered a huge win - as was my autograph! But I too can't remember if we actually made eye contact. I was too busy cataloging every second he was in my eyesight. And it was worth it - because yeah - he was just beautiful. And as for what I ended up saying to him? Nothing. I was speechless (which is a complete anomoly to my character - I'm NEVER speechless. I've been on Soapcruises before my Twi/Rob/Fanfic addictions and never has brainfreeze). BFF2 said now that I've got the initial meeting out of the way - I'll be game on when I meet him again. But I can tell you this - it wont be at a Breaking Dawn premiere. This fandom has gotten WAY out of hand - Robstens/Nonstens, Fanfic authors vs. published fanfic authors. The good ole days of Team Edward vs Team Jacob are really fond memories. No, my next chance will come at the Cosmpolis premiere. And it will be game on. After all - we learned how to work a premiere this trip right? xoxo @NawtyMeenx
5/1/2011 c1 9RenaBug1
Thank you for sharing your story!
4/30/2011 c1 8ladyeire3
Wow. That was one of the most moving and inspiring things I've read. I love SGMR and your Edward...Saintward with a penchant for foul mouthed thoughts, a wonderful and quite real depiction of a flawed man searching for the right path. You've got a beautiful way with words. This account of what you went through was brought tears to my eyes, a smile to my face, and the kind of blush only anger can bring to my cheeks. People don't understand...the animals that is. The ones that are there to be seen at any cost. The ones that will push and shove to get their way. The ones that will grab, pull, and scream. I've always said, and God help me I'm a perv and a mom so it's a true dichotomy, that the mom in me would always win out if I were ever to meet Rob. I'd likely wanna hug, feed, laugh with, feed, and listen to his that order. He's our brother, our son, and for those young enough not to feel pervy about it, our imaginary lover. I'll take the first two, thanks. I'm a 38 year old momma bear, I guess:)

Erm, I think I just wrote a small novel above but I need to thank you for sharing your insight and thoughts on your account. It was brilliant, my dear. Now, I think I owe you some reviews for SBMR so I should probably get on that:) I hope to read more from you. I love your writing style and the things you say. You also seem like a genuinely cool person.


4/30/2011 c1 11ordinary vamp
This was beautifully written. It made me cry, because as much as we in the fandom (I restrict it to those writting fanfiction) are mostly generous, sweet and friendly, we can also be conniving and rude. And to the others enjoying Twilight... I simply have no words. But the comparison to animals? Absolutely poignant and realistic. The waiting must have been hell to go through, the Moment (I refuse to believe it was created by you) is powerful and beautiful.

It reminds me of when I went to the Breaking Dawn Book release party at my local bookstore. Rumours flew how they may not have had enough books for everyone - and the way people cut in line to be only a smidge closer. It was disgusting, mostly because we were all fairly young teens.

I found the girls' behaviour in your story slightly terrifying. And as much as the niceties around waylay me into happier thoughts of Twilight/Robert Pattinson lovers, this was a very large and not the least bit tasty dose of reality.

PS - I think being a narrative scholar is fascinating;I admit to never hearing of this before, but I'm totally interested :)
4/30/2011 c1 Dont-Know-Who
This is great. You're a good storyteller. I went to the London premiere of Remember Me, just to get a glimpse of him, not expecting anything, really. It was a relatively good experience for me... I share a lot of the feelings you share here.

By the way, now that I'm here I must let you know how much I love SGMR. Keep it up. :)
4/26/2011 c1 lunchbag
Great account of your crazy weekend! If you've never camped out for a concert or gotten trampled waiting for tickets, it's hard to imagine doing this...but more of us have done it than we like to admit!

I'm sure all of you were so glad you found each other and helped each other survive. As for figuring out why we, or people, do these things... don't bother...Once we figure it out, we might stop! :)
4/24/2011 c1 twifreakdd
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with those of us who will probably never get the chance to attend a premiere. Honestly, I wasn't surprised about anything that you encountered. I think that had I been there, I would have been doubtful that the "surprise" was something good. I am so happy for you that you got to see Rob up close and speak with him. Reading that put a smile on my face!
4/24/2011 c1 29Rebadams7
Deep breath. You were there. You spoke kind heartfelt words. I have no doubt that he heard them. By angels grace he heard them. Anothe I or we love you would not register. I've been lucky to have met a fair

# of celebs they hear the real and filter the rest. Oh there is karma for the PR doofus types. Payback in the wheel if Karma is a bi€£

glad you survived! Wecome to the club

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