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4/24/2011 c1 twificfan
That was beautifully written. I could feel the ups and downs and total sense of frustration and bitter disappointment. You made me feel wet and cold and as if I had waited all night only to realize that I had been deceived. Sometimes I feel like the whole star machine leads us to great highs only to be hurt by the realization that their are people involved whose intentions are not pure.
4/24/2011 c1 Y-knott
Thank you for sharing your experience. At times it was gut-wrenching to read- the cold; the exhaustion; non-stop talking teenagers (shudders); the tension; the incredible rudeness of others; the lies. Damn. But I loved your brief moment with Saintward; my heart kinda skipped.

You may not have gotten all that you wanted out of the experience, but you stuck it out and made a friend in Maggie.

PS, so Jay is Jasper and not Mr Jay?
4/23/2011 c1 6cejsmom
I'm very happy you told PR Rose what you did. It wasnt nice at all.

I'm also very appreciative that you wrote this. I was in NY the weekend before the premiere and had left on the Monday kicking myself for my bad timing. I would have done exactly as you, forgoing everything for that chance. I'm glad you made a friend. I'm sad you didnt get a picture. I'm with you on that too. I went to Madame Toussauds and got a pic with rob there that I hate. I went back and took one of "him" alone.

If I were 20 years younger I don't think I could handle my/the obsession. I wish I was 20 years younger though, I would go to the breaking dawn premiere.
4/23/2011 c1 NY13
Did you know that there is a manuscript museum in Manhattan that has original drafts from Dickens, Ben Franklin, and Mozart. Did you know that all have lines crossing out and corrections except for Mozart...perfect the first time...that's just the tip of the treasures in that town...there are thin places there too...your muse is in your heart, your dreams, your friends, your passion, your romance...not some English actor with a gentle face.
4/22/2011 c1 MoniNP Monica Nopi
Wow... what an experience... it is in those times, that you really see the best and the worst of people.. as I tweeted with you that day, I would take the moment you had to a photograph or an autograph. He is a gentle soul, I am sure he did appreciate the respect you gave him. I hope you are feeling better now.. I do hope we bring some kind of positive to each other's lives.. xo @MoniNP
4/22/2011 c1 The Oldest One
Wow, what an experience! Thanks for letting us see first-hand what it's like to be one of those people on the sidellines you see in all the premiere videos. And thanks for being one of the civil ones. I'll be thinking about your story for a long time.
4/22/2011 c1 malleelee
Vicarious Living! Enjoyed living this amazing event through your experience. Take care. Mal
4/21/2011 c1 1AdonicaSS
I've joked many times that I wouldn't wait in line for the Second Coming. Your experience reinforces that decision.

I've known people who work in PR. I've even met a couple of celebrities. Sadly, I think your experience is completely typical. There is no such thing as a normal human moment for people who have reached the stardom level of a Pattison. I don't know how he maintains any level of sanity. I guess he travels with his parents and sisters sometimes, and that helps. It is no wonder that celebrities use drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, or all three.

Having said that, it is nearly impossible for me to work up any real sympathy for Rob, or anyone who has achieved that level of fame. The money he has now can buy a lot of therapy and privacy. He has dreamed of being the actor he has become. I hope he is enjoying every second. Youth and looks fade away quickly.

I suppose my words reflect my age and my own struggle for success.

Thank you for writing a thought-provoking piece. Welcome to the Posse!

4/21/2011 c1 EMCxo

Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your "Moment" with Rob was real. It did happen.

God bless the Carloses of the world.

When I saw the tweets and video from the line on Saturday night by heart went out to the fans in line. I'm glad you met Maggie and formed a "team" with strangers. Finger porn and jaw porn could bring world peace. A group of bunker babes got together in NYC last spring. It rained sideways the entire weekend. We were soggy and cold but we laughed and bonded and look back on the time together with happy memories.

I slept in Central Park and on CPW on an inflatable swim raft with a bestie to get tickets to see The Seagull as part of Shakespeare in the Park. We got zero sleep and almost stabbed the obnoxious teens next to us for their rambunctiousness. And we didn't even get to meet the stars of the play. Just got tickets. And the seats weren't even that good. Nor was the play. Most people sitting around us had paid people to stand in line for the free tickets. But my friend and I still laugh about that night.

Glad that you popped your meeting internet friends in person cherry. I hope you get the chance to meet more online friends. I hope you and Maggie keep in touch.

Sweet, perfect skin, soft spoken Rob does fit your Edward. ;)


4/21/2011 c1 Ishouldntbehere
What a great story! Even with the heartbreak, I. Hear. You!

I live 25 min from NYC, and had an event that night, but the weather was absolutely awful - I can't remember a rainstorm like that with a driving wind for quite some time. I don't think I would have been able to stand outside in it for so long - I get bronchitis so easily.

It's so hard at these events because the rules seem to be constantly changing, and people take advantage... your experience was tame compared to others I've heard from other events, believe it or not.

These PR people really need to be more aware of what the fans go through. Sometimes they do treat us as “cattle”, even with a level of contempt. Then there are the “Carlos’” who recognize the power they have to shape the experience. It’s about their ability to make a bad situation bearable, a good situation great. There’s a special circle of Hell for the ones that do recognize and simply don’t care, or just take a power trip - ask SR (lol).

Thank you for taking the time to post this - I think it was cathartic for you to write it and you kind of had to, but you didn't have to post it. I look forward to more when you feel the need…
4/21/2011 c1 jaspersbelle
Thank you for this first hand account. Fascinating to read your experience. I have nothing but love and respect for the way you represented us. If I had traveled across the country and, waited all night in the rain, and had your experience with PR and security after following the rules, I'm not sure I would have been so gracious in my remarks.

RP has an extraordinarily devoted group of fans who adore him. Your first hand account reminds me why. The efforts of his fans generate an enormous amount of positive press for his projects.

Compassion and respect for fans goes a long way in terms of holding back the crazy element.
4/21/2011 c1 7Gingerandgreen
This was fascinating and thought provoking. I once saw Princess Diana, by pure chance, in an empty London side street. She looked very thin and unprepossessing, and I felt sorry for her. I stared.

I also saw Jamie Oliver, who I genuinely respect, in some upmarket farm stall shops down the road. He was grumpy, and we were all very English about it, whispering to perfect strangers about what we had seen, but shutting up the moment he came within earshot. And staring.

Both of these experiences were about voyeurism. I had no expectation of an actual connection. My daughter wants to go and do what you did for Rob, but for Rupert Grint. I think the connection she is hoping for is with like minded fans, not with the actual person Rupert Grint (although I hardly expect her to turn down a connection with him, should one arise!).

I know the common image of a voyeur is a man in a dirty raincoat, but perhaps it is time to reclaim the term. If what we are doing in this Fandom isn't voyeurism, I want to know what is. 'Seeing' does not need to be reciprocated to be satisfying. Why not be proud of a dedication to satisfying our own desires that extends to spending a night in the freezing cold and rain with like minded people? What a profound and unforgettable experience you had, you are amazing for doing it! I'm proud of you, dammit!

I so want your job, by the way. If I could do what you are doing by standing outside in freezing temperatures all night, I would!
4/21/2011 c1 trisha63
Oh Liz I wish I could say I feel your pain, but quite frankly I am just to darned old and impatient to wait in line that long, with no guarantee that you will even get to see The Pretty. Do not dispair as, at least, you made eye contact with that fabulous young man, so I will say I believe you had your moment, it is just to soon for you to realize that. I have always loved live music, so when I was young (back when dinasaurs roamed the earth) I would stand in line and wait to get tickets for concerts and then show up early just to get a glimps of the band, so I understand your motivation. My son is 23 so I feel dirty even looking at that handsome boy, but what the heck-Cougars Unite! LOL If you go to the Breaking Dawn premire I suggest you drink, alot! Take care and get some rest! Trisha :}
4/21/2011 c1 Celtic Karma
I was there too (wristband #126) and I share your pain... Watching that rooftop clock and temperature display all night, I really can't believe that we all put up with that nonsense. The bitter disappointment when we realised that we had basically been cynically manipulated by the PR machine, I feel ashamed now. Ashamed that I travelled 6000 miles to be there, ashamed that I didn't speak up and question the way we were treated, ashamed that I was too scared of missing something to just walk away. When the pavement started to flood and my feet were actually under water I did waver, but the lovely ladies around me reminded me about the "surprise", so I stayed. Crazy!

I did get my "moment", I spoke with Rob, was mildly witty, and was rewarded with an autograph, a giggle, a look and a hair-flip (gasp). Did we "connect"? No, sadly, I don't think we did. I was just part of a day's work, and I don't think we did "see" one another...

Seeing him up close was a surreal experience, he is so beautiful, photos do him no justice, but now that I can look at it objectively I feel a little empty. I am not that person, the one who would put up with any humiliation for the merest glimpse of the object of my affections. So why did we do it?

It was certainly an experience, but one that was rendered completely unnecessary, given that we gained no more from it than we would have after simply turning up a couple of hours before...

I enjoyed reading your story, it helped me as I struggle to make sense of the events of last Saturday and Sunday. You have described it very eloquently. One good thing that came out of it all was that we met some lovely people that night (alongside some examples of the most awful, selfish, loud people I've ever encountered...) Oh, and we saw with our own eyes the most beautiful human on the planet.

I'd love to be able to say that I'd never do it again, but I can't be sure about that. Clearly I do not value my sanity!
4/21/2011 c1 denninelli
Very interesting read. I could never do the waiting or the writing. Love the fact that you have made new real friends. Well done.
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