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4/21/2011 c1 40einfach mich
You forgot one thing. You saw Rob too. He was real to you. You shared space, and breathed the same air. You got to see what his skin looked like in natural light. He is now REAL to you. That is part of what makes The Moment too.

I have done this, not with Rob, but other celebrities. I've had moments like this at Comic Con, in fact, and what always strike me about them is that how comforting it is to know that this celebrity, this person is real. That they aren't something I manufactured in my mind or that only exists on the movie screen.

The Moment is about human connection and recognition that this spark that you feel when you see him in movies, pictures, etc, is based on something tangible. A recognition that this other person is special to you.

Now this connection could also occur in regular hum drum everyday life, and it does. You spot a stranger across the coffee shop that's reading a book that you love, and you share a smile. You meet a co-worker that shares the same sense of humor as you. Or you meet a stranger in line at a movie premier that feels like a long lost sister. What you feel with Rob isn't strange or new, it's kinship.

Do not diminish it by telling yourself that he didn't feel it too. Remember that he hasn't had time to get to know YOU like you know him. If the tables were turned and he had the opportunity to see you in a different light, or set of circumstances, you might have The Moment again. Only this time you'd be on the opposite sides of the equations. Who knows, one day Rob may ask you to sign his copy of your book.


4/21/2011 c1 3edsgirlalways
Wow your recap of that nights event were exactly mine, I was #116 in line froze my butt off for 14 hours I'm from Utah I should be use to the cold but being soaked though, clothes were ruined. We were up in our room getting ready when we got a text from some others in our group saying get your butts down here they are lining up already I was in the middle of trying to get my camera focused yeah never had time so most of my shots are blurry,I was standing right at the corner of where our Pen ended and the barricades began for those who just showed up who did not need to follow the rules and still got more time with Rob than we did. I watched him walked down the line of non rule followers taking pic after pic, when he got to us he was rushed Nick his agent of course said no pics when we asked, he did sign my book and I quietly thanked him, he looked me in the eye and said you are welcome, I will always have that, I don't need a pic to remember that. I learned so many things from this trip, #1 why follow the rules you will still get what you want by not following them #2 there are some crazy people in this fandom, glad I am not a part of their group I would be embarrassed, #3 Rob's beauty can't be described. This was my first premier it was fun meeting the most awesome girls on the planet and I am glad I can call them my friends.
4/21/2011 c1 DazzledCaroline
Wow, that was a real eye opener. I live in middle of nowhere, in the Scottish countryside. I've always envied the people living in places where interesting things happen (a-list film premieres, awards show, big names concerts...) Going to a premiere would be something I love to do. Well that was before I read your story, because these people are mad!

I thought you handled yourself very well. If it was me I would have gone on a bloody rampage. So maybe I should count my blessing for staying in an area that counts more sheep than people.

Still I really enjoyed your story telling and you are an excellent writer. I look forward to more of these real life snippets as you carry on your study. It's very different from anything else in the Fandom. Also bring on your Breaking Dawn premiere account. I'm looking forward to it.
4/21/2011 c1 HoochieMomma
Thanks so much for sharing this. It was excellent - insightful, thoughtful and revealing.
4/21/2011 c1 rpattzgirl
Amazing recap..basically my story as well...
4/21/2011 c1 6mugglemom08
Thanks for sharing this. I'm sorry you didn't get your autograph or pictures of him, but seeing him in person had to have been AMAZING!
4/21/2011 c1 robsjenn
No, No, NOOO! Do not doubt. Rob had his Moment with you. I'm sure of it. He was probably thinking "wow, she's so pretty, and how long has she been out here, and thank god she's not screaming at me or asking me for anything. i can give her this. this look." And then he brought you the pretty.

I was positively giddy with anticipation as you described the build-up waiting for Rob. And your description of him did not disappoint. He *IS* Griefward. Sweet, humble, can't understand why people like him, puts his foot in his mouth all the time.

Did Kristen walk the red carpet? Just curious.

Still haven't looked at anything on robsessed yet - but, after I read this last night, I went to bed a couple minutes before midnight and happened to check the Jimmy Kimmel lineup - and Rob was on! He was his usual ridiculous self; said he's a "hoarder" and that he loved MC Hammer's Hammertime cartoon as a kid. He was nervous (though less so than in the past) and adorable and funny and he had way too much hair gel. So I got to continue my Robhaze for another half hour (and DVRd it, of course). I didn't know he was on the Today show this week. I am such a bad Robstalker this week. I need to set aside 4 hours tonight to surf and view the Robvideos.
4/21/2011 c1 blulou
"Reviewing" this account is a bullshit name for me just letting you know how much I love you and I don't even know u a lttle bit...just from reading your fanfic (see, I'm a bit like you to Rob...i'm ur Lizzy (actually ur Lou). Anyway, you SO did the right thing to write this down and share it with us. You made it real for all of us as well as yourself. I've stood in line for hundreds of book signings, hoping to convey the smart words so the author will know that I 'get' them; that their words and work 'matter' to me. Mostly, it's a handler writing ur name down on a yellow post it and passing it over to prevent embarassing misspelling in the autograph. Still, u are dead on right...that moment of eye contact makes it's worthwhile (usually...Truman Capote was drunk but hysterical, Anthony Bourdain was drunk and an asshole). Still, is it 'star quality' or a perceived connection or something else that keeps us lining up? I don't begin to have an answer, but I really do feel better knowing I have good company (both RL and online). Thank you again. And if ur every in Chicago... :-)
4/21/2011 c1 40Miles
Wow. I'm out of breath and slightly tearful. Wow.

Amazing writing.
4/21/2011 c1 gotechgo
Thank you for sharing your story. It's a great read, and it sheds some perspective on all of the craziness that happens in fandoms. I had never really likened this fandom to sports, but now that you mention it, there really are a lot of similarities. I have a guy friend who once went through something similar (although not quite as intense) to meet Cal Ripken and he had a lot of the same observations that were in your story.

I love that you are approaching this from an academic perspective and would love to read whatever ends up coming of this experience. I also love that you got swept up in the excitement of seeing Rob just like the rest of us would.

Have you considered trying get a magazine to pick up your account of the premier? I think it might be compelling to people outside the fandom as well.

Thanks again!
4/21/2011 c1 Lemon Charlotte
Hi Liz

Thank you for sharing your experience when you are so busy. I was looking forward to hear more and it's really generous of you to write it all down for us. I can see it’s a therapeutic process – I hope it does the trick and you can feel a little bit positive about your NYC adventure now. I don’t know if I would do it (but I suspect I would if I could find a partner in crime either on-line or in RL!), and I’d be very grateful for your account if I did.

I’m sure I would share a lot of your feelings of defeat, injustice and disappointment in humanity though not your calm in the face of such moronic behaviour (that sign, for starters – wtf!). I wish Rob could read your piece. Fans prepared to travel across the country to stand in-line overnight deserve to be treated with a bit more respect by the film companies, they really do.

You are so right about it being about the opportunity to see (difficult to do if you are eyeing the Pretty through a camera or phone lens) and be seen. That would be totally what it was all ultimately about and I think that there’s really a very slim chance of an encounter in this sort of situation being satisfying. I think trying for it at all is very brave indeed. (I know because I’ve had opportunities myself once or twice with a hero of mine and I’ve run screaming in the opposite direction). I would have turned to jelly. I don’t know how you got the words out.

And finally, how amazing that this boy inspires devotion in this way. I don’t understand it in myself but I know I’m sharing these strange feelings with a lot of people. This piece of writing makes me feel a little less insane.
4/21/2011 c1 Elli-Iris

Hello Liz :-)

These were my favorite parts of your tale:

"We got our wristbands; we were in. When we came back in the afternoon, we would line up by our number and be allowed into the special pen. Pen. How perfect. They saw us as animals. Animals we were...It was time. Like cattle, security herded us into the pen. Hundreds, maybe thousands of onlookers gathered around the metal barricades."

A perfect description. The PR and security the trainers. Pullout your night sticks boys and girls. Rob Fans are wild.

"There is now someone pushing against me, my full body. I turn to find another teen… small, but feisty. No one is pushing her forward; she is just pushing. "Could you stop pushing me, please?" There is a please, but my voice is cold. She huffs, "I want to see." Join the club. I'm short, too. Please stop touching me."

LOL! I'm sure you didn't want to laugh in the moment but it is humorous. I'm sure you wanted to flick her like a pesky fly buzz buzz buzzing.

"The screaming turns happy. He is here; I can feel it. I look at Maggie; she prepares her camera. It is as if we are in the trenches of war, her gun is ready."

Elevated from the safari to the trenches of war. Love that description. Armed with camera guns and pen knifes. Poor Rob, I hope his security is good.

"And then he is directly in front of us. DIRECTLY IN FRONT. The silence was eerie. I could not figure out who was taming whom. Were we the animals taming him, or he us?"

...Oh to be tamed by Rob...sorry shallow perv just rose...down girl!

"He was so soft, so gentle, so humble. He spoke quietly, but we could all hear. We spoke quietly, too. We know him. We know he doesn't like screaming. Why would we go through all of this and not follow his desires?"

Considerate of you. To think of his desires. I wonder if that was him you saw in the window, at that moment like a photographer observing the Lion Pride below. I am sure most around your were just in shock and he is lucky they didn't come out of it and pounce on him. I wonder what it takes for him to get ready emotionally for this kind of thing. "Oh shit! Here we go again!" Some don't handle it well, but he seems to take it in stride. He still talks about it as though he doesn't get it. "Why are all these ladies looking at me, or Edward, or Jacob, or who ever they see?"

"His skin. His perfect, poreless, soft skin is something I could never appreciate until this moment. Lips, dark pink and full. The upper lip hanging slightly over the bottom, just.

There would be no photo or autograph, but I found some words.

"It's a lovely night, Rob. Congratulations. We hope you enjoy yourself."

Poetic? No. But they were words I'd say to a friend, so that is okay.

He looked up and smiled, we made eye contact. My moment.

I realized that when I see photos of Rob, Bruce Weber's for example, I see Fifty.

But right then and there, I saw my Saintward. A little nervous. Gentle. Soft. Kind."

I love that. What a gift of a true fan. Offer kind words rather than taking and sucking him dry. Seeing the Saintward of your story. Yes the Perv in us may see 50, but I like that you can see Saintward too.

"In our culture, we greet one another by saying, "How are you?" but don't wait for a reply.

In some cultures, people greet one another with, "I see you."

I. See. You.

To be seen by another human being is profound."

Yes profound. Even though we have never met I would like to think I see a little of you in your writing but I don't really know you. But I read your words and send you reviews and correspond with you through PM,Tweets, Threads and e-mails and I think I would like to get to know her better. And seeing someone like Rob. You did see. You have observed him and know he doesn't like the screaming crowds. Who would? Major sensory overloud. You offer your desire for him to enjoy his success and enjoy the premier while others are waiting to sink their teeth in. To take rather than to give.

"We read and write fanfiction. We watch his films time and time again. We blog. We tease him with each other like his is our brother. We can talk at lengths about the various outfits he's worn, the funny things he says in interviews, and each photograph he has taken. We see him. Over and Over, We See Him. The Moment is about Rob seeing us. Looking into our eyes and saying, "I see you."...My eyes are stinging because, in reality, I don't think I had my moment. Rob did not see me.

I spoke words to him; there was a smile. Did he really look up? Did we really meet eyes? If so, why does the memory of it seem so false? Did I create the moment to save myself from severe disappointment? To punctuate this experience positively?

I don't know.

But the possibility that I created the moment makes me sad."

Maybe, but my hope for you is that he did SEE you in that moment. For him to look up I think he did HEAR YOU. that was a gift, from you to him. It reminds me of one of my best friends growing up. When we would go to a concert and have the chance to meet the musician, he would bring them something. A gift. Sometimes flowers or sometimes a handmade bit of his poetry inspired by their music. I recall meeting Bjork when she was with the Sugar Cubes. He gave her such a gift and she dropped speaking to anyone else and spent an hour talking to him. He gave and she gave back. they had more than a moment. And then with Lisa Gerrard from Dead Can Dance. She thanked him over and over for such a kind gift and said she would treasure it.

Liz, I'm glad you could meet Maggie and Orange and appreciate Carlos. Those are the real things that happened on your trip. And you did see "The Pretty". We see him, and call him by name and want to think we know him, but we don't. Not really. You were herded into pens like predators waiting to stalk the prey. If you were the Lioness he was the Elk. Instead of sinking their teeth in, the Lions flash away and stab him with pens for autographs feeding on him. I think he saw you Liz. You offered him a compliment and didn't insist on feeding on him like those around you. He looked up because you were one of the few that didn't bare their teeth. I'm sure he appreciated what you said. He was your Saintward for a moment.

He is someone I admire. Even with his fame he seems genuine. The goof ball that is so damn cute when he is nervous. He is someone I would enjoy hanging out with if the chance arose. My husband and I would say he could come to our BBQ. We have a growing list of actors and musicians that we would love to have at our BBQ on a movie night. We come up with themes. 2or 3 movies to go with the food. Like that Show "Dinner and a Movie". Ya Rob can come to my BBQ. I would like to see him play "Just Dance" on the Wii with my daughter and I would gladly take him in as an exchange student. I would feed him a farmers breakfast complete with a hard boiled square egg. (This was a tradition of my fathers.) I would take him to the cabin in the mountains or anywhere he would like to go in the area. He seems that approachable and I have the desire to protect him and take care of him. The mother in me I suppose...

The 14 year old girl in me still wants to pet him. ;-)

Thanks for sharing your experience with us as tiring as it was.

4/21/2011 c1 1Pyejammies
Well, that confirms it, no premieres for me. That reminded me of when I went to see Price Charles and Princess Diana after their wwedding. The rain tipped down and people would not put their umbrellas down so that we could see. People can be so selfish. I hope you've recovered now and can see it for the experience it was.
4/21/2011 c1 1phoenix fan1
You my friend are very brave! I would love to see Rob in person but I don't have the guts or patience to handle the large crowds, screaming and pushy people.

Your story was very compelling by the way! I could picture it my mind and I just want to say, I'm glad you survived!

4/21/2011 c1 miamama9598
Very brave. The obsession is hard to understand, but many are trying. Thanks for listening to your narrative instincts!
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