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4/21/2011 c1 katiebird3
Wow... I think that I may have sat here looking at this review box, for about 2 minutes, before finding the words to start typing. I am one of ladies that was in line with you and Maggie. The three friends who met thru a blog. This account brought back so many emotions and memories from that fateful night.

I came to NYC expecting very little, and the thought that I would be standing in the rain for 12 hours, seemed inconceivable to me. I've never done something like that for anyone. Did I do it for Rob? Maybe. I was there for my friends, and the fans around me. There are so many aspects of that crazy situation, that could have been handled more humanly. Do I think that Rob & Reese really bought me pizza and donuts? Not really. My DH watched an interview with them the night of the premiere, where they do say that they knew we were out in the elements for 14 hours. So maybe, it's possible. I am forever changed by the experience we shared.

I love that I got the chance to meet people who felt as strongly as I did about this man. I thought that you

were interesting and cool person. I've Favorited your story, and hope to start reading it soon.

A Kate Bush song came to mind yesterday, that keeps replaying in my head. I'll share it with you.

And every time it rains, you're still in my head, like the sun coming out, and I know that something good is going to happen. Like saying it could really make it happen.

Cloud busting

Thanks for the memories.

4/21/2011 c1 Canyaceme
You are a braver soul than I am! It's a shame you didn't see Rob after all that. I watched all the red carpet interviews on line but have to admit that I thought he looked exhausted on the Today Show. Since you mentioned Kristen being there, wouldn't it be funny if they secretly were married when they filmed the BD wedding scene? Surely there would be a one-shot in there somewhere?
4/21/2011 c1 9sherryola
This was fantastric! To read of your experiences, and in the way you wrote them, very, very well done. i've never considered going and waiting in line for something like that, but you made me feel like I was there, with the friendships you developed and with the disappointment, with the cold and fatigue. Thank you for writing this.

4/21/2011 c1 elletee
Thank you Liz. I had wondered what the experience would have been like, and now realise that as nice as it would be to see the Pretteh up close, that is not something I'd go through. Thank you so much for sharing. I hope you feel much better very soon and can reflect back on the experience with some happy memories later on.
4/21/2011 c1 mephis1
Crikey. What a long, strange trip that must have been for you. It sounds like you had an awakening or rather, several moments of awakenings. I'm sorry you experienced moments of disappointment in your encounters with daemons. I personally don't think much of the La La Land PR types and yes, they do exemplify the cynicism of that particular world. For those types, celebrity culture is one where you milk it for all it's worth because for those daemons, it's all about the money. And the PR world do attract daemons. Perhaps they don't start out that way. Perhaps those drawn to such a world start out bright eyed and bushy tailed but inevitably, that world brings out the worse of us. That world is responsible for cultivating 'celebrity culture', after all. I'm sorry to hear you witnessed moments of incivilities; it's always disappointing when you/we see the fallibility and cruelty of human nature. But on the positive side, you did get to meet fellow travellers who were like-minded, respectful, kind and gentle. Orange and Maggie sound like beautiful souls. Thanks for sharing this tale with us - I really do appreciate listening to your point of view. I could never ever jump on that rollercoaster - it would take to much out of me. You are one brave woman. :)
4/21/2011 c1 eesti
Hey Liz. What a story. I can feel the whole experience. I'm passing up the chance to go to the Sydney premier of WFE, instead watching a live broadcast on the big screen, because I don't think I could cope with the intensity. Thanks for sharing. Eesti
4/21/2011 c1 1Rosmelie
This happened to be the first thing that popped into the feed when I clicked on "Twilight" to start trying to find a new fanfic.

I didn't get the opportunity to go to the WFE premiere as I'd hoped...and I'd hoped, even though I love Rob, on going to get a glimpse of Reese because I've adored her since I was rather young. Alas, it didn't happen with my crazy work and school schedule. I'll admit, I'm only 26 so I suppose saying "Crazy work and school schedule" sort of fits better to you now.

I did have the opportunity of going to the Eclipse premiere last summer, and I've had friends who did both Twilight and New Moon. I have to admit, Summit handles it a little better then it seems the PR team did for WFE. Now, it's not to say that we didn't have our share of disappointments as well for Eclipse, because we certainly did.

Eclipse was a new experience for anyone that had gone to Twilight or New Moon...or even both. It happened at LA Live's property since it was part of the LA Film Fest. My friends and I scoped out the area around 3 in the afternoon the day before we were supposed to be allowed to line up. We ended up meeting a few girls and making friends and told them we'd meet up with them the next morning. According to "the rules" no one was supposed to be allowed onto LA Live property (except for Film Fest volunteers) until I believe it was 8am. We got a call around 11pm the night before that a Film Fest rep had started allowing people to line up. Cue us contacting new friends from earlier. They'd let us know if they were ahead in line, they'd help us into their section by telling others "we have this many friends joining us, they'll be here at this time."

Granted, these new friends did that task...people further back in line said "no way that's cutting." So my friends and I walked to the back, which at the time, was about 100 people. Low and behold, other groups pulled that move, and no one said a THING...we started getting a little upset. LA shouldn't be too cold in summer right? Wrong, it got down somewhere around 45 overnight, and my friends and I didn't dress for it to get quite so cool. We were huddled together like crazy trying to keep warm. Thank goodness for our last friend who's aunt insisted she bring us all some hot cocoa! So, more waiting...and one of the fansites interviewing us later asking us how upset we were by rules being broken/not being able to join our was nearing 7am.

7am rolls around, we finally get moved. Mad rush happens, some people end up in front of us...girl who was further ahead and hadn't complained recognized me and let security know we had been further ahead then we now were. Okay so we were 100ish back when we got in line...finally we get our wristbands...we're numbers 215-230. THAT many cut in front of us because of "friends" and no one complaining. Not only that, but the fansite that had interviewed us, threatened summit and got front of the line treatment so as not to release the video they made.

Now you're probably like "okay what's her point already?" Well, our rules had stated we had to stay in the pen (aka tent city) and could only leave our groups for periods of 20 minutes...and other group members had to tell security where we were when they came to check on us. Security NEVER checked wristbands except when they gave us our spot in the pen. I met a few nice security guards, but they weren't hired by Summit, they were LA Live property security and were pulling doubles just to keep us safe.

4 days of camping out and a horrid sunburn was finally time to head home, shower, and get dolled up for the black carpet. Only 350 it turns out, got to stand "on" the carpet and anyone with a wristband after that didn't...but they were in a special section on the other side of the road that had bleachers. The stars not only stopped there first and did autographs, pictures, etc...but then half of them ended up skipping the last four sections of the carpet...which I happened to be a part of. I'm not one to typically get angry, but I was irate after having to camp out for 4 nights and be so badly sunburned that it hurt to walk. It's sad that I even remember distinctly who passed us up because it was just too long of a walk, and they wanted to go into the theater to relax. Fans in my section, along with the other three, finally saw Taylor, Rob and Kristen...and began chanting "we camped out". Their PR people had looks of absolute panic on their faces and made them stop at our sections. I felt extremely blessed at that point because their PR did handle the situation, and I got my opportunity to have a quick chit chat with Kristen Stewart.

We did get lucky since the Nokia is only about 1,500 seats large...and everyone that showed up got to go in and see the movie. Free popcorn, free beverage, free movie...

Lessons learned though - sunscreen does not always help the pale. Don't trust "rules" because they'll be broken. Don't EVER let anyone tell you there are surprises - there may be, and there may not be. Luckily for us...a few of the stars cared about us and wanted to really make sure we were alright.

I've had an amazing experience aside from that first night and the sunburn...and I'll be doing it again for Breaking Dawn for sure. But I know a few more things then I did when I went in completely blind. I definitely have to thank getting to go to Billy Burke's CD release party for a few more of the stars being concerned because he asked my friend and I if we were actually okay, and if our sunburns hurt then spread the word since a couple of them were backstage at his show.

I know it seems like almost a brag, and believe me I am not trying to brag at all. I just wanted you to know that not all experiences will be completely bad. The only downside of Summit - they changed their minds 5 times with this past premiere, and lord only knows what will happen for Breaking Dawn. Many of us are hoping it happens at the LA Live property again, and we all know's okay to go shower if you're staying 30 minutes away.
4/21/2011 c1 Onward
Thanks for sharing your story with us. Your moment was more than most of us could dream for.

We will most likely never be close enough to describe him so eloquently or feel his presence as we invade his little bubble of personal space.


4/20/2011 c1 4BilliCullen
Jesus Liz, what a ride.

I'm so sorry you didn't connect with Rob in the way you were hoping, I'm sorry that people are such fuckers, I'm sorry that you guys didn't get the surprise you were promised.

You just proved one thing to me, for which I am profoundly grateful, I will not ever ride that roller coaster you rode. I know I don't have it in me.

Thanks for sharing.
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