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for What Happened In Mystic Falls

8/7/2013 c12 52phoebenpiper
I needed something to cheer me up before bed and stumbled upon your story. As a huge fan of both shows, I really enjoyed this! I felt you did a great job of capturing all the characters, especially Jess, Becker, and Damon! I'm guessing, since you haven't updated in 2 years, that you're not going to finish this, but I wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed it and would be happy to read more if you decide to write it! :)
9/10/2012 c12 4chickentikka99
very good
12/31/2011 c12 20a-delacroix

Nice little story, I really enjoyed it. I will admit after reading the first chapter, I had no idea who Jess was. So I went to IMBD and discovered she was in seasons 4 & 5 of Primeval and I had only seen the first three seasons. So I stopped reading and went to Amazon and watched the first episode of season 4 so I would have at least an inkling of who the character was. Of course, after only that glimpse I have lots of questions, some of which might be answered if I saw more episodes. The character of Jess seems British. Is she British in your story and only spent a year or two in Mystic Falls, or was she American? It wasn't clear.

I will admit I was a little disappointed when Klaus showed up. My tastes run more towards action stories and I was hoping to see the vampires, witches, and werewolves battling side-by-side with Becker and Jess against a pack of raptors. I think that could have been a fun way to 'out' Damon's and the others' secrets.

Oh, let me just add, I loved how you portrayed Damon - you achieved his snarky nature without being too over the top.

Thanks for this wonderful story,

6/15/2011 c11 14Squabble
Dinos and Vamps. Nice world we got here.

"What. The. Hell." loved that line.

Update soon!
6/5/2011 c10 SarcasticBunny
ohhhhh, TROUBLE IS A COMING! hehehehe I love the fact that Becker is so over protective! It is so CUTE! 3 3 3 I just wish the chap was longer so I could find out more! Love it though!
6/4/2011 c9 SarcasticBunny
OMG THIS IS SO GOOD! I can't believe there is only one Primeval/Vamp Diaries crossover as both shows are AMAZING! I love the way this story looks like it is heading, and I would love to see lester's reaction to the Jess/Beker thing or the fact that Damon/Stefan got in... GREAT JOB! Please UPDATE soon!
This story is so perfect for me as I love both of these things so much! Really well written as well and:

Ah Klaus! :O
6/2/2011 c9 A Daydream Away
OMG it's Klaus ! :D

Can't wait to see more
5/27/2011 c8 A Daydream Away
"This place looks like a space ship," LOL i can imagen Stefan saying that...
5/27/2011 c8 14Squabble
The Salvatore brigade just got kicked out by Becker ;)

Update soon!
5/13/2011 c6 Squabble
Stefan's getting curious :L This shall get interesting. Update soon!
5/4/2011 c5 Squabble
"I think I love you, Jess." The I think part made it all the more adorable. Lovin Damon, lovin Becker ;)
5/4/2011 c5 1babycakes10121
I loved it! I cant wait till the next chapter!
4/26/2011 c3 14Squabble
Beckers all like 'give me a stake'. Great chapter, update soon!
4/26/2011 c3 1babycakes10121
LOVED IT! I can't wait to see what becker will do.
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