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10/7/2014 c13 Kaitlyn
10/5/2014 c7 Kaitlyn
Good chapter, but it was BLANK that saved Zidane's sorry ass.
8/12/2014 c22 Guest
It really wasn't all that long, and definitely worth the read! I'm talking about the epilogue here, lol.

I'm glad you brought Zidane back, though I kind of figured as much. Who can resist keeping their favorite couple(s) permanently separated after all?XD You did very well on this part, and the moments with Dagger's memories were an exceptional addition. They really added more emotion and depth to the ending of the story. And, the song that Dagger was working on: beautiful, and it really fits well with the ending. I could see this playing out, song and all, in my head as I read, especially at the meeting with Mikoto.

I can't believe it took you three years to write this! Really?! I didn't think it was that long. Gosh, time is so weird... Congratulations on finishing though! Can't wait to see what you have next!)
8/12/2014 c21 8RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Definitely an eventful chapter. Quite intense during the battle and all, and I love how Fratley came in so suddenly. I didn't expect that, but I could totally envision it in my head in all its awesomeness!XD

But, gosh, I have to say that the Zidane part brought me to tears. I saw something like this coming, and while it was somewhat similar to FFX, I certainly didn't anticipate exactly how it would play out. Very well-written - I totally feel for Dagger here... Moments like that are always so sad and beautiful; I always enjoy them, for some reason.

Aye... your AN makes me wonder exactly how long the epilogue is, lol. I'll read it though - don't worry about that.
8/12/2014 c20 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Yes! I am VERY curious as to what Eiko told him. Although, given his reaction and brief visitations with his companions, I can sort of imagine. I sense a Final Fantasy X-like moment coming on, lol. But, I guess I'll find out.

The kiss was cute, too. The way you write scenes leading up to such moments is so fluid and believable. I know I'm repeating myself when I say that, but it's true. And, I don't know any other words to describe it, lol.

I'll be heading straight to the final chapter(s) now! Can't wait to see what happens and finally get the elusive answers.
8/12/2014 c19 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Wow! I can't believe you uploaded all three chapters at once. I've got a lot of reading to do, lol.

I'm glad you brought back Vivi! I missed him - and it's been so long I had nearly forgotten what had happened to him. At least he was brought back for the finale, as is appropriate,

I also can't believe Beatrix is dead!8O I totally didn't see that coming. But, for all I know, it's a ruse created by Kuja to further affect Dagger enough to fulfill his plan. I don't know. I guess I'll find out for sure within the next two chapters though.

And, yes. Dagger being the crystal was a surprise to me. I am curious as to how exactly that came about, but I suppose I'll find that out, too, in the next chapter(s).
7/7/2014 c18 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Wow! I can definitely see why this chapter took you so long. One look at it and I knew I had one helluva read ahead of me, haha!

Anyway, I nearly forgot about Vivi. I thought he had been in this story, but it's been so long I couldn't remember for sure. I really hope we see him again - he's one of my favorite

Honestly, a lot about this story, and this chapter especially, surprise(s) me. Most likely because I haven't finished the game yet. I'm still stuck in the same place I have been for nearly a year now, mainly because I haven't played the game in so long. I really should do so. But, my favorite things about this tale are the way you portray the relationships between characters and how you add such character and personality to the summons. I really liked Shiva's role in this chapter - she's one of my favorite summons in the series and probably one of the most useful. And, of course, Odin is just a beast with that Zantetzuken attack. Leave it to him, lol.

I can't believe the story is almost over already. I really didn't expect it to end so soon. I really do wonder what's in store for the next chapter. I hope you update soon!

Sorry it took me so long to review this chapter. I've had a...slightly busy day.
5/1/2014 c17 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Wow! So much going on here - I can see why it took so long to post. Very nice work on the first section, especially. Such intensity, such torment and pain - I nearly believed it was actually happening for a moment and was rather confused, lol. Ay...I was in pain and hot just reading about it.

I love Dagger's constant interactions with the Eidolons. It's a great way to give them a personality and deeper role in the story. It makes them seem somewhat human to know they can think and feel like everyone else - I like that. Plus, it shows how much they trust and care about Dagger, too.

I kind of laughed a little at the pub scene with Zidane tripping up on Atomos' Nice one; I can see him doing that, haha.

Great chapter! I can't wait for the next update - and good luck with your other story.
3/18/2014 c16 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Very interesting chapter! I always love when the Eidolons come out to help Garnet - it really adds an element of kindness and humanity to them. Good work there!

I don't remember much about the Life Tree, but I don't think I liked all it had to offer, lol. Gosh... it's been way too long.

I am curious about the horn thing. Update soon!
3/7/2014 c15 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
A-ha! I was wondering why Beatrix was behaving so oddly at the beginning of the game. I should have figured it was due to Kuja. I'm glad she wasn't doing it of her own will and feels remorse for such actions. It wasn't like her, so it was rather odd to me. Your explanation makes sense though - in regards to all of the events so far.

Yes! Major revelations, and none of which I ever saw coming. Amarant killing Dagger's step-father?! I totally didn't expect that. That was probably the saddest moment of the tale so far - but, things like that always are. Though I don't quite share his pain, I certainly felt it. This was such an emotional chapter and so well-written - one of your best yet, I think!

You really seem to have thought this through a lot. I know you tend to state that not all of this is going as you originally intended, but one would never know it with how well it all flows together. Your conversations are so smooth and real, and I love the character development. You can really feel their emotions, especially where regret and remorse are concerned, and I love how all of their lives, though so different, have caused them all to come together like a true Final Fantasy game!

Keep up the good work! I look forward to more.)
3/7/2014 c14 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Really like this update! It's so in-depth and the realism of the character's entwined is definitely there and noticeable.

I'm a bit concerned though - I've gotten to the Eidolon Wall but, if I remember correctly, never acquired a new Eidolon. I only ran into a battle with some enemy I can't recall. Did I do something wrong? Aye...it's been so long since I've played...

Anyway, this chapter was so intense and I especially love Dagger's emotional outburst at the end. The way you portrayed that moment and the actions that resulted from her fears was flawless, and it totally screamed a "Final Fantasy moment" to me!

You're writing is so fluid and believable and I'm always impressed when I read your updates! I can't wait for the next one.)
2/1/2014 c13 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Great work, once again! I don't know how you can write such long chapters. I have to stop to save something for later parts, lol. Still, you did really well and your attention to detail is incredible. Much better than mine, I'll say that, haha!

I loved Zidane's thoughts during the wedding. They flowed really well - I could totally imagine him thinking such things. I like how you develop the relationship between him and Dagger/Garnet. You've made it obvious how they feel about each other, but you're sure not to have them act on their emotions right away (not completely anyway) - only focusing on it when it's really necessary.

There was more I wanted to say, but I've forgotten some of it. So, I'll stop here. Can't wait for more!)
11/30/2013 c11 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Good chapter! I like how you brought Freya into the picture. Once again, you're writing is so well-described, that I could easily picture that scene, especially. You're very good at writing dramatic and moments, and the conversations fit and flow so well.

Did that make sense?...

I must be doing something wrong with FFIX, by the way. I think I still only have 1 Eidolon for Eiko and two for Garnet. Or, maybe just one for each - it's been so long since I've played, lol. But, I digress...

I can't wait for the next update!
10/28/2013 c10 RadiantKeybladeFantasy
Nice chapter! I actually felt pretty bad for Zidane when he was crying about Tantalus. You wrote that part so well. It's totally understandable when people act out in anger when hurt, but I'm glad to know they do still, technically, accept Zidane as family.)

I still haven't completed FFIX, and it's been so long since I've played, that I really can't distinguish what's based on the game and what you might have thrown in yourself, lol. Not to mention, parts of it kind of confused me like FFVII. Still though, I'm really enjoying this story. Beatrix strikes me as taking on Queen Brahne's role in this tale, but I won't assume anything. I am curious as to what all she's been up to exactly and why. Can't wait for the next update!
9/30/2013 c9 49MysticSpiritus
Yaaaay! They're heading toward Lindblum! My favourite part! *grabs giant cup of coffee*

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