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9/27/2016 c42 59SisterOfAnElvenWannabe
Very scary.
9/24/2016 c44 4Tahbatha
Awesome drabbles! My favorite are definitely the kitten ones!
And the support group ones were hilarious as well.
9/23/2016 c44 NC
I feel so bad for both Merlin and Arthur.
9/23/2016 c44 chele the original
It will take some time Arthur
9/22/2016 c44 oma13
More whump and bromance! Poor Merlin! I can't wait to see Merlin finally wearing that neckerchief! I think Arthur seems almost as tormented as Merlin. Looking forward!
9/22/2016 c44 10Lya200
The fandom's guilty pleasure: Merlin whump XD
9/21/2016 c43 chele the original
9/20/2016 c43 LaRieNGuBleR
So this was how it happened. Poor boy. ;(
9/20/2016 c43 162Grac3
Oh my gosh. That last paragraph was really sweet. I know it probably wasn't supposed to be, but it really was.
9/20/2016 c43 mersan123
Short but brilliant!
9/20/2016 c43 Guest
omg! no! That's! pls update
9/20/2016 c43 Dudewheresmywand
Aaggghhhh! These cliffies are killing me! Can't wait to see the longer fic based on this one! Thank you for the frequent updates! Poor, poor, merlin. Time for some Comfort!Arthur...and hopefully some BAM!Merlin for some payback!
9/20/2016 c43 NC
Oh. Poor Merlin. I want to hug him and tell him it'll be okay.
9/20/2016 c43 oma13
Oh, poor Merlin, that was amazing! Can I say both of those in the same sentence!? Was he too panicked or too afraid to use his magic in front of Arthur to save himself? No wonder he is upset. I can't tell you how excited I am about you making this into a longer story! I will definitely be looking forward to that! Can't wait to see how this is resolved...how Arthur and the knights help Merlin get through this!
9/19/2016 c42 NC
I'm amazed that you fit all these into hundred-word drabbles. You have a great command of the language.
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