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4/26/2011 c2 28Alaia Skyhawk
Heheheheeh! lol, nice one XD
4/26/2011 c2 11vikky-leigh
ear, nose, they're all the same. y'know, except for the whole, hearing, smelling thing but lets not get into details.
4/26/2011 c2 163Kitty O
Was that really only 100 words? Wow.

Very good and funny!
4/26/2011 c2 11ArodieltheElfofRohan
Haha! Man I'm loving these. Keep 'em coming! :P
4/22/2011 c1 39xxDodo
Sweet, more drabbles!

Way to screw up MERlin :). Lol.

4/22/2011 c1 11Owl Watcher
Hehehehe! That's funny.
4/22/2011 c1 28Alaia Skyhawk

(Bursts into insane laughter and goes off into a corner)

4/22/2011 c1 28Sydelle Rein
Haha! Trust Merlin to screw everything up.

Yay for drabbles! Maybe I should give them a whirl too, since that's what everyone else seems to be doing...

4/21/2011 c1 70Whirlwind421
Hehehe! That's really funny! And I love the end!
4/21/2011 c1 12MerlinStar
Nice! Although I feel a bit sorry for frog!Arthur...
4/21/2011 c1 11ArodieltheElfofRohan
Hahaha! XD Nice chapter. :P
4/21/2011 c1 2Beizanten
so funny!
4/21/2011 c1 60Ultra-Geek
Haha, welcome to the drabble fad. I wish you luck! I like this one - yay, Frog!Arthur!


4/21/2011 c1 163Kitty O
Yes, i don't imagine Arthur's too happy with him now...
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