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for 100 Things About Luxembourg

4/24/2012 c1 idkwhothisis124
lol xD )

Here's my awesome review of this! First of all, these rules are so blocking your awesome fun! I mean no drinking with Denmark? Come on! But uh, second...I see you have fallen head over heels for the awesome me! Keseseseses~ That's alright, it's natural for people to love me. I never dubbed you awesome though, but I guess you're pretty awesome to me...Don't take that the wrong way!

Awesomely yours,

4/23/2012 c1 2spearmintflare
* dying laughing.. this is so much like my oc minus rules 8&9
4/22/2011 c1 6Kassamali
Interesting. I didn't know you could create a Mary-Sue in the Hetalia universe. Apparently, I was wrong.

First things first: A LOT of these one-hundred things are contradictory. In the first one, it says Luxembourg was raised by France, but then later on you say you were raised by Britain. The France one, I have no problem with because it's true, but Britain? He had little to no involvement in the early years of Luxembourg's history.

Same with Japan. If Luxembourg was canon, she (or he) probably wouldn't even know Japan.

Then you mention that Luxembourg is a tsundere (meaning she is a hostile character with a softer side underneath), then you say two lines later that she ISN'T.

Austria and Spain are NOT horrible examples of the Hapsburg House. They, and Hungary, WERE it. Luxembourg only had a minor role in it in the 1300s.

Nevermind. Null and void the France/Britain complaint because I realized that it's Malaysia raised by Britain. Didn't see that.

Luxembourg calling Liechtenstein "Hinata" is extremely unrealistic, because, once again, I HIGHLY doubt that Japan has any involvement with Luxembourg. Also, Naruto wasn't invented in the 1940s, which is where most of Hetalia takes place to begin with.

And I'm pretty sure that even IF you kidnapped Prussia and forced him to marry you, it probably wouldn't last long. Last I looked, Prussia had no interest in Luxembourg.

And WHY is your character moping about not being a man? I thought she got over being a sissy? I have a Hetalia character who does feel limited by being a woman (well... a girl at the time), but instead of complaining about it, she just cut off er hair and crossdressed. It's not hard to do.

... And grammar and punctuation. Don't forget it, it's important.

The reason I'm taking this so seriously is because I ALSO have an OC for Luxembourg and I don't feel you did Luxembourg any justice.

Good luck in any of your future works. If you have a question, PM me - but if you're just going to complain about this review then don't waste your breath.

Love - S.A.A.
4/22/2011 c1 3ColaVixen Inc
Uh...I recommend getting a beta, so you'd have better grammar. Also, Luxembourg seems like a Mary-sue. Seriously? Marrying Prussia? He's waaaaay too awesome. Besides, Prussia was out of character, because he doesn't go around dubbing people as awesome, that's just...no.

It got confusing and hard to read in some parts.

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