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for Big Bad Fox?

9/9/2017 c5 Kimmiekitten75
More Please!
7/26/2017 c4 Faery66
Hope to read more soon.

6/13/2016 c5 Anastasia Mounce
10/3/2015 c1 Elfin69
Hopefully he will repay the Dursleys for their 'loving' care after he wakes.
7/22/2015 c1 korra light
I hope that you update soon.
6/16/2015 c4 Guest
j'aime bien le d├ębut mais c'est quand la suite ?
5/18/2015 c4 Elfin69
loved his reaction. I had a feeling that he would not trust Dumbledore and wonder who is true to him. Too bad this was not an Inuyasha crossover, since I would love to see Harry and Sesshomaru even though I do not mind Fenrir.
5/18/2015 c2 Elfin69
I am guessing he is in his mind and the other two are James and Lily. Were they Kitsunes also and just hid it from everyone?
4/27/2015 c4 Lauren Saint
I love that song! This story is interesting so far! Enjoying the read just hope the chapters get a bit longer, don't matter if they don't though as its a good story! Looking forward to the next chapter! :D
9/3/2014 c3 7rmiser1994
great start! Cannot wait to
6/19/2013 c3 1Savage Amazon
I would really like to read an actual chapter and not a paragraph each. They are way to short and it tends to annoy people, especially when the story goes over ten chapters. People get pissed when they have to wait a long time for a chapter, lets figure for a paragraph.
4/20/2013 c3 Waterlilly
Update soon please it sounds like a good story even if the chapters are a little short
3/16/2013 c3 angelallie15
More plz its good a little short but I love it :)
12/29/2012 c3 1StolidEmburning
please do the next chapter!
11/22/2012 c3 RougeKitsune
cool keep writing more detail and better spelling though
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