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for The Healing Touch, Prequel to AnkhShifter series

11/10/2017 c6 Guest
Will rider ever find out her ability
11/10/2017 c17 Guest
Seems tame
6/8/2017 c16 2ThePhantomismyLove
Please write more
5/7/2017 c16 Guest
12/9/2014 c3 Isabella95
Just a thought; but if she changes at every sundown, wouldn't that be waaay to noticable? same with Remus? :)
2/12/2013 c10 Guest
His bday is in December, go on mugglenet, they will have the exact date
2/11/2013 c1 Guest
Awesome Tangled pairing!
11/8/2012 c5 25You Can Call Me Effie
9/3/2012 c10 3GreatIceDragon
I think that Maximus and Pasquel should be human, but mostly silent. Maybe Maximus could be the school smart-ass who really hates rider and Pasquel is... I don't know, a cute little first year with tons of spunk. I don't know, it's all up to you. These are just my ideas.
8/25/2012 c9 GreatIceDragon
This is a pretty decent chapter, don't worry! It's like an ending of a sports movie!

P.S- It would be really funny if you included a magical equivalent of Maximus and Pasquel.
8/25/2012 c9 1midnight zoe
Finally ;) loved it as usual :) update soon please
8/8/2012 c8 3GreatIceDragon
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! You changed the title to Healing touch: prequel to ankhshifters, but you haven't completed it, and I have a thing about not reading books (stories) out of order.
7/13/2012 c8 3Emory Quinn
7/8/2012 c8 7Drown The Ants
I love this story :D I love the plot, idea, and PLEASE DON'T PUT RIDER AND SOZO TOGETHER. OR EVEN MAKE HER HAVE A CRUSH... I like the idea of Remus and her together very much :P

Pretty please update soon? With cherries on top?
7/7/2012 c8 15Azalia Fox Knightling
True. :D I hope Sluggy dosen't tdo anything else that would be considered it wouldn't be the same though. And please update soon. By the way, I'm a tad suspicious on Flynn's motives for wanting to start over with introductions.
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