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for Darkness Won't Consume You

7/24/2012 c6 1Madame.Cho
UPLOAD SOON DAMMIT ! I like this story, it has a good plot and I want to continue reading it !
6/22/2011 c6 pixielove292
that was AWESOME! Please update soon.Cant wait till the next chapter :D
6/20/2011 c5 guantanamobayxx
I like! Draco is a bit less darker than I like, but eh. I don't usually go for the AU fics but this one is interesting :D! Grammar could use a bit work though. I'd be happy to proof read if you like. Fantastic plot though, I admire your style!
6/19/2011 c4 ilovetwilight2010
this story is really nice... update more often so can know what happens next... hope you update soon... :)... I'm waiting for it...
5/28/2011 c4 Serenity21
Can you please write more chapters for this story... I want to know what happens next... Good story by the way... ^_^
5/22/2011 c4 2ii-V-I
i like! i'm really excited for an update. original plot! great job!
5/1/2011 c2 Ch3cKzZ
Love it! Can't wait to see where you're going to take it!
4/25/2011 c1 aeireis
Hey! The story seems good... Would like you to continue it.

4/24/2011 c1 Nox
I'm liking where this is going. This has sine real potential to be a piece that stands out from all the usual Dramione stuff out there. I hope to see more of it.
4/24/2011 c1 13lookmeintheeyesnickjonas
I really liked it ;)
4/24/2011 c1 AccioBeer
I'm looking forward to reading more, please update soon!
4/24/2011 c1 9SlytherinPrincessxXx
I quite like where this is going. It's unique, that's for sure. That little bit of lemon as an opener definitely peaked ny interest. Update soon!

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