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2/5/2013 c1 45VioletEmeraldx
Wow. Just... WOW. I love it. Second Karofsky/Santana sexual story I've read... and damn am I into these. It's like the 10th Santana/Karofsky-related fic I've read. So glad I found yours. It's perfect. I love the way you write. You did have a few typos though... I kinda wish you had this beta-ed... but all in all... epic and now I really feel tempted to check out more of your stuff. ;) You write both of these characters "in character" so well. ;)
5/2/2011 c1 2klates
This story is amazing! Hilarious, and heart-wrenching, and hot and beautiful all at once! It made me laugh and cry aloud. Well done.
4/29/2011 c1 7Joermungard
Wow. This is... amazing, in its own, depressing way. I'm normally all for the fluff, but this... I got this. I know that kind of situation, when you know what you're doing is just not right and you still end up doing it because you hope you're wrong, and you did a great job at putting it into words. So I'm seriously impressed.
4/25/2011 c1 48deactivated2015-10-03
This. Was. Perfect. I loved it...loved their verbal sparring, their nicknames, loved Dave showing his weaker side and Santana showing her compassionate side. This was great.
4/25/2011 c1 Aetheriata
Oh GOD, this is so in character I can actually see it happen... well... okay, the show is a bit to prude for it, but anyway...

I can't wait to read more, this is going down like woah...

And every time Dave is called a pirate I think about my ex who looks a lot like Max and used to wear a bandana SO well...


Pirate indeed...
4/25/2011 c1 4LizzyPoodle
Sometimes when I read stories I get to laugh, and other times I am left feeling unspeakably sad. It's shameful that so many people in our 21st century society feel shame about who they love. I hope that the show's writers do this character and this storyline justice. Here's to hoping...
4/25/2011 c1 319Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare
oh... *oh my.*

me gusta /mucho./

i totally didn't realized that i wanted something like this as badly as i did until you wrote it (and beautifully, like you always do). thank you, merlinhiver, for helping spur this one, nufufufu~ ;3

AND this isn't listed at complete, which means i get *more~?* i am so eager it hurts. (almost as eager as i am for Born This Way to air, which is /saying/ something! ;D )
4/25/2011 c1 Lazielow
Good beginning !

Please hurry up with next chapter.

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