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for Naruto' Breakthrough

4/29/2011 c2 2duze
my vote Kyuubi for the win and of coarse the very lust full Nibi

you cant say no to the loveliness that is super powered lovely's you really cant (we all know Nibi and Kyuubi should get there own pairing anyway :P)

as for my review where to start...


I mean really attack your old crushes child after he comes home that's just a flipping crazy thing to do... to be fair i really think Naruto had to hold some saint like control to prevent him from gutting her like a fish... in his position i really think after that i would have.

with the crazy bitch and very stupid god parents who are probbably feeling like oh i don't know #1 losers of the year hell the century i think that naruto will have his fair share of pot holes after this point...

now for the questioning

what will happen to hinata

who will fight in the chunin exams and the jonin games? at a lack of a better name

what will happen to Hinata will she live or be put to death ( i vote death (CRAZY BITCH))

how meny other children dose naruto have?

is yugito any good in bed?

and what type of deal did naruto make with the kyuubi?

looking forward to more amazing

4/29/2011 c2 1Arsenal1886
Pairings: Hana and Kurenai

I advise you at least do Hana as there are so few good ones with Hana in them. But, thats my personal opinion. Great story as well.
4/29/2011 c2 1Narjiro
phew luckily Hinata isn't in the Harem. I really hate her. I mean WTF she's stalking him for almost his whole life.
4/29/2011 c2 dragonbike
I vote for FU and Karui
4/29/2011 c2 1Emeraldfox57
great chapter

lol hopefully naruto kills hinata

update soon
4/29/2011 c2 sanguinex
great chapter, hinata going crazy was good you dont see that very much, my vote for the harem are anko (Is my favorite girl of naruto) and samui, if you will consider one more fem kyuby
4/29/2011 c2 1Slifer1988
not a bad story so far perhaps hinata is a bit too insane

pairings: Samui and Fu

nibi and kyubi should be added simply because they are inside their hosts
4/29/2011 c2 2Foxes-rocks
Fū and Fem-Nibi are my choices
4/29/2011 c2 26xNamikazeKyuubix
...DAMN! Hinata didn't die... trying to kill Naruto and Yugito's daughter! Blasphemy! For that outrage I shall purposely create thousands upon thousands of overpowered OC's to beat up Hinata before killing her in the most painful way imaginable only to revive her and do it all over again! Kukukuku!

Yay for Yugi-chan and Mei-chan being in the harem! As for the two remaining girls... FEM.KYUUBI MUST MUST MUST BE ONE OF THEM!~~~~~~~~ The second I say either Nibi, Yugao or Guren! Awesome harem for the wins!~!~! Kill bitchy-stalker-dumbass-Hyuuga Hinata please!

Looking forward to the next chapter! Keep it up man, Ja ne!

4/29/2011 c2 7luffyxrobin-luffyxnami
Kyuubi and mini should already be a given since kyuubi doesn't belong with anyone else but naruto, and nibi is inside yugito and I bet mini wld feel jealous and heart broken that she can't have love to, and she wld have a crush on naruto after all this time font u think? So I think those two shod come free, if not they are who I'm voting for, if they do come free I wld like to vote for anko and kurenai... Pm me the results btw.
4/29/2011 c2 Tobi Fan 321
Great chapter! Hope you update soon!
4/29/2011 c2 Devilsummoner666
well man tht was a good story if a bit short. keep it up and update when possible and see if you can make the chapters longer somehow
4/29/2011 c1 Tobi Fan 321
Great chapter!
4/29/2011 c2 1turki-sama

nice of you to update :D

it was a pretty good chapter but it had some spelling and grammer errors, but all else is good!

as for the extra women i would suggest 3:

*anko-'cuz she shares naruto's pain of loneliness

*fuu-she's a jinchuriki, end of story

*kurenai-she's REALLY hot, end of discussion

'till next time

Ja ne!
4/28/2011 c2 1Trotha
First off this story is down right incredible! I have to say that your description of the CS(Creepy Stalker) was spot on. I mean really if following someone around and constantly spying on them from the shadows with x-ray eyes is love then that means that my ex-girlfriend is the one for me. In short that type of attitude is common with those who have either shrines of someone or are completly dependent on thier victim.

I agree with you having Naruto ditch the perv because in Shippuden when he comes back after THREE YEARS he is practically the same fighter while everyone else has surpassed him.

I'm curious though over whether or not Rei is Naruto's only child at the moment.

As for the additional girls I'm voting for Anko(simmilar past) and Guren(seriously badass with her crystal powers!).
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