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2/7/2016 c23 Perfectly Craptastic
I actually thought that when Draco left to talk to Professor McGonagall was the end and I was ready to die, but then the ending just made me feel almost at peace because of the beautifully made ending. This book was amazing (:
8/10/2012 c1 8Kung Fu Coffee
12/26/2011 c2 anonymus
OMGOMGOMG! what is it with all of these gay outsiders characters! THEY R NOT GAY!
7/27/2011 c19 xCallMeLogiex

my mind just went blank :b



yeah...that was short

but at least we know Dally's alright

just a question...

will harry and pony get together?

just wondering
7/20/2011 c18 xCallMeLogiex
i had a feeling they were gonna kiss!

when i read it the first thing i did was a face palm, i shook my head, and sighed.

dammit Dally!

please tell me he's not gonna wake up and forget who he is!

agh! update faster than fast!
7/20/2011 c18 Dawn Leo
Jeaz, lil' cuz, how could you do that? I mean he just got out of the hospital, why'd ya make him feel like something bad was gonna happen and then boom you had to go and hit us with that. How could you? Btw the rest of your chapters were good.
7/19/2011 c17 xCallMeLogiex
if anything you're awesome for writing this fic!

"That's a good secret!"

lol wow i hope I'm not like them if I ever get that drunk!

Funny chapter :b

I love how Dally is not his usual self in this fic

Update quickly please!
7/19/2011 c16 xCallMeLogiex
please tell me that feeling Dally was feeling isn't gonna make me cry
7/19/2011 c15 xCallMeLogiex
whoa! whoa! whooooooooa!

where the hell did that come from?

pony deserved soooo much more than a punch!

i mean what's his problem?

i get that he's going through some stuff too but damn! even I wouldn't go that far!

jeez the nerve of that kid!

i like how he was so cocky :b
7/19/2011 c14 xCallMeLogiex
Two-bit is such a good friend!

why can't my friends be like that?

Good chapter dude c:
7/19/2011 c13 xCallMeLogiex
teehee Ponyboy's like me when it comes to reading books :b

Soda and Steve just can't sneak away can they?

They always manage to get caught

tsk tsk

7/19/2011 c12 xCallMeLogiex
skitters? I like it!

aw poor harry!

he just has a crush!

that would be cool of there was a loooooooove triangle but that's just me :b
7/19/2011 c11 xCallMeLogiex
*taps nose*

I knew it! i knew steve and soda were together!

im so smart!

poor Draby and Dally :c

sad face
7/18/2011 c10 xCallMeLogiex
aw! tear jerker!

poor dally! he's so emotional it makes me emotional!

who the hell was at the door?
7/18/2011 c8 xCallMeLogiex

are they gonna...?

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