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10/2/2011 c1 10BeMerryEatCake
A first person story that doesn't switch pov's after every few sentences and is written well? Pinch me? XD

Oh how I enjoy the characters being themselves in fics~

I'm so dissapointed there is no more, and very intrigued of this plot you have going. lol, I thought about doing it, but you beat me to it! Ah well. I wish there was a bit more back story and such, like about their parents or friends or whatever else (ex. the boyfriend she has that I'm not too sad about dissapearing considering I love Amuto - which is terrible, I know.)

The whole big plot started really quickly, I was surprised. Normally they take awhile to get going. But I'm sure you'll get to the fine details later, it's just a pro...logue so far? Right? I think that's what it is...if not, I hope that the other chapters aren't gong to be so short? D: That'll make me sad. I hate it when I find a good story and there's no update forever and the next chapter ends up being short as crap! DX
6/10/2011 c1 thelovelaced
Hey! :D nice storyline ya got there, its getting me excited. Plz continue
5/5/2011 c1 KONATAISMS9109
Hello, it's your personal fanfic stalker :P ok, maybe that's not the most approprite (spelling?) joke of the year, but what the heck, eh? Anyway, onwards and upwards...!

I, personally, am enjoying this :) But I can imagen that this story will /not/ have a high demand; due to the apocalypse-like scenarios currently happening around the world, such as the total meltdown in japan; the revolts in the middle east and some of africa; and to top it all off a torie goverment. ;) I'm enjoying the details that you always seem to find room for :) Please finish up PLL first though, as It's currently my reading spice! ;P I'll be a voyer in that poll for sure, though. Great work :)

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