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for A Teacher's Glory

10/21 c19 Pointer3109
A completely enjoyable story and well worth the loss of sleep it took to read it through.
10/13 c19 a.vago
I just discovered this beautiful work...
8/21 c19 3Greatazuredragon
Sad to hear about his passing.
I hope it brings some confort to know his works are still apreciated.
My best wishes.
8/18 c19 Dark Archer
I had to comment again once I finished reading what was here. It was a fantastic read as always. Crack but serious. I'm sorry for your loss and his passing.
8/10 c4 vmage2
charka should be chakra.
8/10 c1 vmage2
kuni should be kunai. Haruna should be Haruno.
8/7 c2 Greatazuredragon
This story is shapping up to be really interesting! XD
7/27 c2 hsm1999
what the heck
does it get better?
6/22 c17 MattBlack
Having Naruto not promoted is pure bullshit, chuunin promotion is based on ability to plan and lead, and all those promoted relied on HIS plans...
6/21 c19 1ddkeac
Thanks for writing this
My deepest condolences
Your father was a great writer
5/28 c1 Guest
5/27 c19 1ReaptheSouls
This story was absolutely wonderful and your late father (may his soul rest in a more peaceful place) should be extremely proud of his work. This author WILL be missed.
5/14 c19 4Le055Li0n
They do.
5/7 c19 sumanth jain
Great full. For story. It was indeed very well done. And nice.
4/29 c19 Kurtulmak
I am sorry for your loss. He was an excellent author with many fresh and insightful takes on the characters of the series. I would have probably liked him as a person if we'd have ever met.
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