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for Automan: High Performance

11/24/2015 c14 birdlady
Finally, Automan finds the happiness Walter and Roxanne know.
As a fan of the show since forever, I couldn't be more pleased with this story. But I hope this is not the last of Auto and friends. Wonderful work!
12/27/2012 c14 E-man-dy-S
I love that your writing about Automan, I've always love the TV show. :)
Keep it up!:)
2/3/2012 c13 Alell
Uhm this is just me upping your review count a smidgen. You deserve it.

2/3/2012 c14 Alell
Can't believe this has no reviews. I am so sorry. This was quite a journey, I spent like a week reading this and it was great front to back. Thanks for the awesome week, Sailor Chronos!

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