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for Never Let You Go

2/14/2014 c15 1CrazyCrimMind
6/22/2013 c15 Let-Me-Escape-This-Hellhole
This story was so cute. I loved it all the way through!
It was so creepy how I have a friend named Julie Reynolds too.
5/3/2013 c15 Guest
Great story... The only thing that was incorrect was that Olivia and Elliot did not start at the same time, but I know this is FANFICTION so the story can be a little different. Thanks for posting.
1/22/2013 c15 21The Grey Wolf Ghost
I figured I would come by and return the favor of reading and reviewing and Wow, was this great, I just sat and read all fifteen chapters, I couldnt stop clicking the next button. I havent read a really good SVU fic in a long time and you definitely hit the nail on the head with this one. Great job again!
12/29/2012 c8 Guest
First off i love your tag! This is a great story.
2/22/2012 c15 redhead1555
What up Carrrrlaaaay! Just thought i would tell you to WRITE A SEQUEL ON PAIN OF DEATH! The sequel should be cute and fluffy and involve some more Benson/Stabler action. (But nothing to far over the line, now) And, now for my brillant idea... You should fulfill your wish of the two having 3 kids, and Benson should get PREGNANT! YAY! Babies! I love babies. Don't you love babies? It would be even cooler if she got pregnant with TWINS! A boy and a girl, so Stabler can have his own boy, and daddy's girl, and he be all "Oh, Oliva! I'm so happy right now. You've given all I've ever asked for!" And you can write about Stabler's going to be REALLY overprotective, and Benson can pull a Bones and be like "Pregnant women all over the world work, and squat to ahve their children in fields, or huts."

So, yeah, that's what I think

Hugs and kisses, your bestest friend ever, Maggie Smith
1/7/2012 c15 7theadmiralscoffee
Good LORD that was fluffy :) But that's ok because sometimes fluffy is wonderful! Good job for a first fic!

Keep writing as I'm sure you've got a promising future ahead!

12/29/2011 c15 3Crystaline Dreams
That last chapter made me tear up. I like that you had the kids visit her at the hospital. The story was beautifully written, I loved it. Keep it up!
12/26/2011 c15 70RageCandyBars
Holy cow! Good book!

This book was one of those books where I felt as if I was there on the spot watching the things happen, and I want you to know that I personally think that the whole thing- the action, the description, the plot- would definatly be published if it weren't a fanfiction.

As for the sequal, I recomend something that either has strongly to do with this book- maybe more branches of the 'buisness' or something- or another case. Maybe even a childhood bully that has turned into a robber/murderer trying to kill her- for I beleive the best parts you wrote were when Oliva got- or nearly got- hurt, and when everyone was missing her.

Anyhow, this is by far the best story I have read on this site so far- and the only one with proper punctuation and grammer.

If you are still reading this rant, thanks! ;)

Your younger sister:

12/24/2011 c15 marie
you are awesome. please keep writing! i'm looking forward to your next story!
12/20/2011 c15 9Jennifer Catlin DiNozzo
Or is it? Uhgggg! Great chapter! Great story! Can't wait to see what you come up with next!
12/18/2011 c14 DeleteThisAccountPleaseFFStaff
Damn.Damn.Damn.I'm hooked on this story and now I'm waiting on this story to be updated.Its alright though cause I'm sure this story will be updated some time in the future otherwise we're gonna have some problems.Lol,just kidding.Great Story.
10/27/2011 c14 3Angelstarshimmer
love it new plot yes sequel yes liv and el yes
10/27/2011 c14 Barbara.War
Begin a new plot witha sequel in it seems great to me. This story has a really big potential. :D
10/26/2011 c14 15NCIS-SVUgurl
WHEW I have waited FOEVA for this. IT WAS AMAZING! Please update soon you whippersnapper. Word. lol.
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