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9/14/2012 c6 1cloudteef
It's becoming even more interesting... Please update soon I can't wait
9/14/2012 c4 cloudteef
this one was HOT!
9/14/2012 c1 cloudteef
I like this one,
i'ts interesting...
And your writing also really good
7/15/2012 c6 5IshidaH
I really like your approach to the couple and I hope that you update the story soon (who am I too say that though)! Your idea, though unorthodox, was good and your story so far is going so true to characters! Great job!
6/26/2011 c7 54JC-zala
I very much enjoyed this. I especially giggled with the parts with Yuffie. Keep up the good work.
6/24/2011 c7 13Iris Irine
I got the feeling that this chapter is rushed, and many of the sentences are abrupt and kinda fragmented.

Anyway, next chapter, please :)
6/19/2011 c6 Iris Irine
hoo boy that was a quick update :)

Okay, although this chapter is short, it's obvious the plot is thickening! Good job :)
6/18/2011 c5 Iris Irine
It's updated! :D

Hmm this chapter's a bit filler-ish? Well, you did foreshadow with Cloud's feelings, but Tifa's seems to still be a bit unclear.

And yeah, I know how exams are (they're really exhausting and painful). Anyway, glad you updated :)
6/13/2011 c4 54JC-zala
Why'd you stop there? I was getting so HOT! SMEXY HOT! I wanna read more.
6/13/2011 c3 JC-zala
Well-played. The scenes came out very smoothly. The thoughts and emotions of Tifa were felt and greatly expressed. Their childhood was an important aspect in their relationship, and you've managed to bring out so much depth and understanding between them. I love the way you've written this chapter. Hats off to you!
6/13/2011 c2 JC-zala
Oh, my... And not it's Tifa who went missing.

That was a really touching chapter.
6/13/2011 c1 JC-zala
okay, what drew me to this story is the depth and quality. you've managed to bring a side of Tifa and Cloud into the light, and have written their thoughts and emotions well. I like how you added their loneliness, their insecurities, as well as their bond with one another, the longing they have. I find myself enticed.

Yes, Cloud may come off as cold, but there's more to him than that. In FFVII, he was this withdrawn boy who wanted to get noticed by the girl he likes. He's character is very complex and interesting, especially with the way he acts toward Tifa.

To understand and experience Love-those are the things I'm excited for in this story. I'm gonna read more.
5/9/2011 c4 8cloudlover2989
I am enjoying the read I hope there is more to come
5/8/2011 c4 Zidane87
Oh my...please tell me there is more to come in the next chapter.
5/8/2011 c4 13Iris Irine
well that was short.. I found several typos and grammar mistake, but overall it's still good :)

Update pls?
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