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for The Beginning of Forever

8/10/2013 c2 Guest
Oh my god that was beautiful!
8/29/2012 c2 8Arwen J Hui
This was so cute! I loved having it being told in first person.
6/19/2011 c1 Guest
Oh my gosh that was amazing! AND her middle name is my first name! Thank you for this amazing work of art!
6/14/2011 c1 2Alpha's Opinianated Law
This chapter was wonderful, only there weren't any quotation marks so James could have been thinking those things instead of speaking.
6/11/2011 c2 61Epeefencer
Nice story especially for a first effort. It almost seems like they could have been letters written to each other right before they got married. though short on dialog they conveyed the story well.

I wish you well in your future efforts.

And Please do write the story about there wedding.

5/21/2011 c2 5LittleRedLily
Wow, I absolutely loved this FF! (: It's so ... I don't even have words haha. I just love it. You write absolutely beautifully, have you had experience in writing?

If you make a FF about Lily and James's wedding, I'll be sure to read it (:
5/11/2011 c2 6Elizabeth Bells
AHHHHH! Omg this is just the cutest thing ever. Ill put it in my favorites, and I dont put many in there, they have to be really good so thats just back up for when I say. WOW! I LOVED IT! IT was just so cute!
5/9/2011 c1 3aholmdahl
Hey. That was awesome. I can totally tell that you watch Grey's anatomy. hehe. I love that you show their life together through James' point of view and that in that you show that he realized what she wanted and changed for her, and wasn't expecting her to really see him. I think you have an amazing concept of their love, so keep up the writing!
5/8/2011 c2 Hey
Teehee it was really good! Quite cute, and you should do a J/L wedding, if you know what i mean ;) thanks
4/28/2011 c1 You know who I am. Teehee
Omg, super good, it really cute! I noticed that it's chapter one, is this a prologue? If so, continue! :)
4/27/2011 c1 Emiily
OMG i'm so proud of you this is awesome stuff right here. Why weren't you at school today? you better be there tomorrow because I GOT MY HAIR DONE AND I WANT YOU TO SEE IT. And we missed you 3

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