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5/17 c9 Guest


4/25 c20 Sylvezar
this was a great read! Thanks for writing
4/3 c10 LittleCrybaby13
i love the "if convenient, ... if inconvenient.." reference
1/10 c20 Guest
I love this. So fantastically written!
1/10 c19 Guest
Oh fuck. Wow. Quirrell…that's some dedication there. Though does it mean that Voldemort has gone mad, though he's still very much not dead because of the horcruxes?
1/10 c18 Guest
Lol. HOnestly, NO ONE can impersonatde Sherlock Holmes. NO ONE.
1/10 c17 Guest
I'm somewhat confused by the last sentence. Does he mention that because he thought that Quirrell was like Sherlock, but with Quirrel's last sentence, he realizes that's not true, and the fact that he compared them shows how long it's been since he's last dealt with Sherlock? (I mean, I feel like Sherlock would not be so free in announcing his own failings)
1/10 c16 Guest
lol. Love it.
1/10 c15 Guest
Watson is so insightful.
1/10 c14 Guest
My god, Quirrell is fantastic. Though I do want to point out that Luna is a year too young, but eh, everything goes in fanfic, right? I like your portrayal of Harry, it's very realistic. he's self-confident, and he DOES deserve some of that self-confidence, but he has a lot of places to improve and the fact that he fails this first time (though at least he and Neville do get further than the other groups) really shows that. The fact that he decides to use Neville as cannon fodder is…not good, but totally reminiscent of what Sherlock would do, I think. He'll learn.
1/10 c12 Guest
I love quirrel. Great guy, him.
1/10 c11 Guest
It's kind of funny, that Dumbledore thinks he's condemning Harry to a sad, cold childhood when really, he's saving Harry from a childhood of abuse and placing him in a far happier place. 'course, I don't doubt that Sherlock's not exactly a fantastic parent, but he's far better than the Dursley's, that's for sure.
1/10 c10 Guest
Oh, poor sherlock. How'd Voldemort come upon him, anyway? And I'd assume Sherlock is somehow related to Harry, or else Dumbledore wouldn't have come to him (and by the way, let's stop and think about the sheer questionability of keeping a CHILD in a PICNIC BASKET and not a single person giving that a second glance), so the blood wards should extend to him, and so how can Voldie touch him? So confused. ugh.
1/10 c9 Guest
Lol. That dream. Totally something I'd dream of.
1/10 c8 Guest
Lol. I love this conversation between the hat and harry. It's fantastic.
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