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for Pudding Where the Proof Is

5/1/2011 c1 21Ella Greggs
This would make such epic canon! I like that Kurt makes the distinction between Dave, who liked him in spite of struggling against that attraction, versus Blaine, who remained blind to Kurt's charms for months on end. And it's very IC that Kurt would reach out to Dave at the very end of this story, seeing how conflicted and vulnerable Dave still was after this second kiss. Maybe there's hope for Kurtofsky, yet...
4/29/2011 c1 Angie38
Love it!
4/29/2011 c1 Aetheriata
I loved merlenhiver's idea and your way to work it out is flawless :D

Poor David :D

And I am pretty anxious about the PFLAG meeting on the show...

I hope they will show it :)
4/29/2011 c1 4LizzyPoodle
This was brilliant. The kiss was hot, and the way that you write is full of rich humor. I loved it. I thought that it was so funny how they glared (at Dave), but threw grapes (at each other). It took this story for me to see the possibilities embedded in Dave Karofsky's education. And now I can hardly wait.
4/29/2011 c1 319Dreaming-Of-A-Nightmare
ooh, i like this VERY much. C;

and i wanna read merlenhiver's fanfics but FF.n doesn't allow links unless you put spaces in them, so whatever you put down, i can't see. which sucks, since i bet it's on LJ, and i can't navigate LJ unless i do have links, so... yeah. XD

anyway, amazing, *amazing* job on this. C:
4/29/2011 c1 100jekyllhj7
LOVE IT... the confused overwhelmed Dave was awesome!
4/29/2011 c1 cornflakesareglutenfree
this is so hot. and sweet. and exactly what i'd like to happen in canon.

your writing is, as usual, superb!

love your stories...
4/29/2011 c1 2KurtofskyoverKlaine
I really liked this. I so wish this could happen in Canon.

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