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for Harry Potter and the Curse of the Seventh Horcrux

6/7/2012 c80 1jeremiah123
6/5/2012 c79 6lilmisadiva
so funny ..serves them right
6/4/2012 c79 1jeremiah123
6/4/2012 c79 MattAttack97
Great chapter, update soon, even though you only posted this one. :P
6/1/2012 c78 jeremiah123
Great story!
6/1/2012 c78 6lilmisadiva
I hope the fight in the coming chapter is a trip, this is still one of the best fanfic on here!
5/29/2012 c77 7Riniko22
The game sounded like it was a bad as a truly rough European soccer match between two arch rivals, at least the stands are in one piece. I don't really like contact sports due to the way some players will do near anything to win, seems they think it alright to do things that would get you arrested if you are playing sports, weird. Still I was glad to see the Gryffindor win as they did not get as bad as the Hufflepuff's did.

"You might belong in Hufflepuff,

Where they are just and loyal,

Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,

And unafraid of toil"

—The Sorting Hat

Seems some of them have a different interpretation of the word just.
5/29/2012 c76 1GeorgiaRichards
my last reviw sent to early so this is for chapter 77 as well. sorry for the inconvienince. love these to chapters. your action scene where harry gets hurt tells enough to get the imagination but not to much that it makes you sick. Seamus is getting on my nerves with his remarks in the game. taylor is neutral although maybe sligty more griffindor, this shows that it doesnt matter if hufflepuff or griffindor win, its just a game. i am glad griffindor won as i am a griffindor. when harry got hit i go angry as well, only the best stories play on my emotions lol. i cant think of much more at the moment but it was really really good. thank yu fo posting. thank you for reading. until next time G Xxx
5/29/2012 c77 GeorgiaRichards
5/28/2012 c76 6lilmisadiva
I love the romance in the story as well as the grief it is realistic and I cannot wait to see where the story goes from here
5/26/2012 c76 28Son of Whitebeard
I like how you made Taylor neive makes her a real girl.
5/26/2012 c76 7Riniko22
I'm disappointed in Hermione a bit, she seems a bit less observant than I expect, but maybe she and Ginny will figure things out after that huge hint that Taylor unintentionally gave them. Ugg, kissing Ron it makes me ill thinking about it, all I can think about is the way he eats without stopping to finish when he talks. Oh well, for Hermione's sake it seems love is blind. Oh, that was a good compromise for Taylor with the scarf, tho any fool should realize that you would support your boyfriend regardless of his being on the other team too. Looking forward to next time.
5/25/2012 c1 melissa.326
ok sorry my computer is screwed up so this is for chapter 75 but ahh i love it. it connected well with the other parts and didn't have to be changed from t-m. good job writing
5/25/2012 c75 1GeorgiaRichards
once again all i can first think of is wow, love it.

it is full of action, just its different sortof action and kinda steamy. why did taylor never match her scar with harrys before? it makes ence to me as that being how she can do dark magic. because of the scar it makes sense as to why she can use dark magic, jus like harry can speak parseltounge because of his. also i wasalways wonderin why taylors neaklace burnt. is it prt of dumbledores part inthe story. i am thinking it must be or heknowssomething about it as notmust escapes dumbledores notice. the other thing i would like to know about are gregs scars. when will we find out about them. once again your story has given me the va va voom feeling and i will continue reading until the very end! LONG LIVE HARRY POTTER i what i say. i had best stop now. thank you for posting the story. thanks for reading. Until next time G Xxx
5/25/2012 c75 7Riniko22
Well this chapter was full of action, just a different kind than we have been used to before. While it was a little steamy I don't really think that it goes to the M level, it was really more to the really warn and fuzzy. Now, moving to other matters before I get distracted, I have been wondering about Taylor's necklace for a long time. Why does it get hot like that? Is it to discourage her to use dark magic or protection, or something else. Why hasn't she looked into this before, a compulsion/spell not too and who make it? What does Dumbledore know, because I am sure he does, this could not have gotten past him. So, I wonder if he's behind it.
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