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for Harry Potter and the Curse of the Seventh Horcrux

11/28/2012 c102 6lilmisadiva
greg could kick rocks
11/26/2012 c102 1jeremiah123
great :)
11/26/2012 c102 4PotterNerd94
Here, have another piece of chocolate cake... I loved this chapter so much! I can't believe it's almost over! oh my goodness! I loved the scene between Taylor and Snape, I think it was wonderful. I can't wait for more (although in a way I can wait because it just takes us closer to the end! :'( )
11/23/2012 c101 The Most Awesome Potato Master
Love it! :)
11/18/2012 c101 MegADeg
I'm sorry I haven't reviewed in forever! But I have been following this story for quite some time. I LOVE this. I've been crying and laughing through all of it. This story has become a mini-obsession of mine. I've loved every bit of this! I can't believe you've taken Taylors magic away. That was probably the worst thing you could've done! My heart just couldn't take it. Greg I'm still loving, and of course the characters are all very cannon. :) Greg and Taylor's relationship continues to develop the more I read and the fact that she loves him makes my toes tingle! I wish Taylor's magic didn't have to go! DARNIT! DON'T DO THIS TO ME! ARGH! Can't wait for another chapter... which will be soon I hope! Thanks for writing this. Its SOOOO Good you have no idea!
11/16/2012 c101 1GeorgiaRichards
i LOVE this defo glad taylor is alive but feel bad for her being magicless but at least she faces it wth her head held high
11/13/2012 c101 Guest
Oh my god oh my god oh my god! This was soooooo good! AGAIN! I read this as a reward for finishing an essay and oh man am I glad I had this! It was so good (again!) and I love how you've summed everything up and made it all believable! LOVE IT SO MUCH!
11/15/2012 c3 3GirlAnimePrincess
Right from the start of this chapter I thought : Hardworking, Definately cares for her friends and family. Hufflepuff. Yet you have put her in Griffindor. You havent emphasized any grifindor traits, you have repeatedly said that she is Hardworking, Loyal, And very Hufflepuff. In addition, she didnt say she had any preference as to where she would want to go. So the Sorting hat had NO REASON to put her there other then her being Harry Potter's lost sis and bravery that you havent mentioned in favor of her hardworking get it done responsible Farm Girl-ness

So, If you only put the 'Puff in Griffindor as a plot device to be closer to harry, then she is bordering sue.
11/13/2012 c101 7Riniko22
I hope there is still at least a chapter left to the story as Harry and Taylor do need to talk again now that the truth is out. And I had hoped that McGonagall would have cast a Repairo on the necklace when she asked to see it but she left is broken. It is nice that at least Taylor will be with her class at the graduation but too sad that her magic has not returned to her.
11/13/2012 c101 1jeremiah123
Great :)
11/13/2012 c101 6lilmisadiva
good snape gets his due
11/8/2012 c100 1GeorgiaRichards
THANK GOD TAYLOR IS ALIVE, but will her magic ever come back and i cant belive harry is sister is lying critically ill in a hospital bed and all he can do is yell at her. she did what she thaught was right and in a way it was but in a way it was wrong aswell even though that doesnt make sense. Thank god for taylor being so strong! X
11/8/2012 c99 GeorgiaRichards
i love it and hate it at the same time poor taylor
11/8/2012 c95 GeorgiaRichards
i love it! i giggle with happiness when they got back together ans squelled when they got engaged cuz im a girl and i do that
11/6/2012 c100 6lilmisadiva
A dont tell me shes a muggle now
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