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for My Pride is a Hurricane

6/11 c1 Yuan Villaceran
wow! this needs more chapter. this is really good! I quite like your story. I hope you keep it up <3
5/31 c13 Sazi94
Nice chapter, man. Like how you rid of Hody quickly. Hope your health is much better now. looking forwaed to the next installment
5/27 c13 10Lightning Ash
This was awesome, man. :D I love the way you've fused the two verses together with a bit of Bleach and Fairy Tail. It feels very organic. I enjoyed the interactions Naruto's had with his crew, especially his women. You've conveyed their personalities beautifully. Tayuya is a bundle of cursing adorableness and Juvia is so cute. Thanks for writing, bro. I had a good time
5/21 c2 Yaknow WhatIming
I can sort of understand why you would want to overpower your main character and his allies to ridiculous proportions, even if it's a bad thing to do.

What I do not understand is why you decided to make Garp, the admirals and Sengoku this weak. Nobody wants to read about a guy toying and/or one-shotting his enemies again and again, especially when they are the top tier fighters in the One Piece universe. Where is the plot (or fun) in that?
Moreover, by making the admirals so pitifully and practically spitting overpowered new characters you utterly destroy the canonical balance of power between the marines and, well, everyone else.

Character bashing and overpowered characters are bad and you should feel bad.
Lastly, Mihawk and Doflamingo as well, for that matter are outmatched.

Trying to make a new character look strong by having them easily beat a canonical character that is established as being the best of the best does not work.
5/4 c13 Black Shisui Uchiha
This is defo top 5 NarutoxOnePiece crossovers. I can twist for the next chapter
4/24 c13 20NeoNazo356
Love the Hellsing Ultimate Abridged reference right there at the end~
4/11 c13 46Dylan Millwood
Updated something other than Naruto/RWBY? That a surprise.

Chapter is short, but figured as much...Hody would be no match for Naruto in this. So where will Uzumaki and his crew go now?
4/11 c13 Halfrican18
I thought this had been abandoned. Glad your feeling better, and back to updating. don't worry about a short chapter. Most of us are just happy knowing you are back
4/10 c13 2acetwolf94
4/10 c13 Draegoon
oh, forgot this existed. glad to see more of it nontheless tho, so yeah thanks for that. i'd love to read more of it.
4/8 c13 void reader
Ignore the hater's man. They just don't know a good story when the see one. Sorry to hear that your team is splitting up. Be safe out there.
4/9 c4 2AbyssDragonslayer777
Newget is Whitebeard's first name not Edward because in Japan, they put their family name first then their actual name. So for Naruto, it would be Uzumaki D. Naruto or Edward Naruto.
4/8 c1 Urukmar
Ok mr guess stfu. U replied to 3 diff chapter with ur dam hate. Dont like f off. People like u are the reason world sucks. U the dam equivalent of internet racism and hate crime.
4/8 c3 Guest
Off with your head oololo
4/8 c2 Guest
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