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for My Pride is a Hurricane

3/11 c10 benabbaswissame
Naruto should finding scientist to reading research papers of devil fruits experiment
3/10 c3 benabbaswissame
Tayuya dislikes Mei Terumi for being so close to Naruto's personal space, Mei Terumi should have lava devil fruit, Tayuya felt her face burn in jealousy/angry because Mei Terumi get wearing fur jacket instead of her
2/15 c13 Aasish661
Great Story
1/17 c13 Vemok
I really like this one. Thanks for the story
10/29/2023 c1 mattcraig5581
please continue this story I love it so much
10/27/2023 c1 LOSTxWo1f
A Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit encapsulating the abilities of a Thunderbird could probably cover what Naruto's logia devil fruit could too. I wonder if anyone has ever thought of that premise based off Marco's devil fruit being a mythical bird too.
8/28/2023 c13 Danirodriguez1995
Please continue with the story, it's very good, please don't give up, a story that really has no comparison. I can tell you since I am a big fan of this type of story and the truth is that they have no comparison.
6/21/2023 c4 Jefehorus Rincon
Ushi Ushi no Mi: Model Hachibi no Ushi / Biju Biju no Mi: Model Hachibi no Ushi/Gyuuki
5/27/2023 c13 1Liamo000
"I WAS!"
5/18/2023 c10 Liamo000
Well, I expected Suigetsu, not Juvia. Colour me surprised.
4/29/2023 c13 reader977070
please update this story
3/19/2023 c13 reader977070
please update this story
3/16/2023 c1 Guest
What a suck story
9/21/2022 c13 EVIL-SAGE
Ayo pls continue this fanfic please
9/3/2022 c5 Guest
lmao i love the reference to the scene where ssj trunks destroyed the androids
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