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7/4/2012 c1 Guest
Hi. Lar. I. Ous. All I have to say.
3/16/2012 c1 4Ilvhstry
Yes. I agree. Thinking is very dangerous. Because thinking is the villian. Not the candy. Candy rules. And I am hyper because of candy. FLYING TACO PASTE!
8/2/2011 c1 18SailorZeldatheLightAlchemist
Alphonse would.
7/31/2011 c1 32FullMetalCrayon
Bwaha! :D
7/5/2011 c1 3FullmetalFan870
Being hunted down doesn't sound like much fun, so I guess I have no choice. I thought it was funny.EVIL FLYING LOLLY-POPS! But I'm not a big fan of "it was all just a dream" endings :(
6/7/2011 c1 dreamgirlforever
sorry im reviewing after such a long time... but i was really busy with school work and all... now i cant get into my account! halarious story by the way.
5/22/2011 c1 12Psycho and Princess
loved it!

i thought it would be a nightmare after all got his body back- it was cute!

who knew al loved lolliepops!

* sighes*

great now im gonna hav to listen to a rap song called lolipop...

im okay,though

great job =^-^=

5/13/2011 c1 6St. Iggy the Pyro
NOT THE PEANUT BUTTER! i mean, I can handle to chainsaw string and paper clip; but PEANUT BUTTER? you cross the line my friend...

Lol. Poor Al, puking his guys out over candy. And yes, I have had a lolipop try to cut off my tongue before.

It hurts.
5/8/2011 c1 27FlamingFlyingFoxOfDoom

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