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for Be My Salvation

3/22 c29 Xive Lanrete

As a response to a potential return, I am certain that I not only speak for myself, but for a hundred others, in that we would undeniable enjoy a continuation of this story. Excellent original character, constant conflict, both internal and external to keep things interesting, and have other elements unfold simultaneously. It would be a pleasure to see you return.
3/11 c29 5Songorita
Iove this story I hope you write a other one like this.
2/17 c29 6atsik101
Most definitely I would read it and I can only hope that it will be even more good than the original version!
1/3/2020 c28 Aescape
Good variation on salvation plot. The female character was relatable. Marcus was less well developed which was ok. Nice to have some romance in the terminator world.
7/18/2019 c1 1Al L Love1
I am oddly disappointed that there is not a number to do this
9/12/2015 c1 3XxUnderSwapxX
It-Is-Awesome. Long I had imagined something similar. It's great that you thought there like me, or vice versa.

Sorry for my bad English
7/6/2015 c26 Guest
Yay! Amazing chapter! I hope you update really soon, 'cause this is really good!
5/2/2015 c26 3Sutosa
Welcome back! :D
5/1/2015 c26 Ash6751
Wow, I haven't really thought about it that way. But now that I look at it, it would be difficult to bear . But don't get me wrong I'm totally leaning for JohnxDes but to live knowing that the one you love will one day wither away while your still young and beautiful? Sounds pretty morbid. On another less depressing note I cannot get over Marcus. He is just the sweetest brother for Des, always sticking up for her, never abandoning her, and just overall amazing. At first I thought is was going to be MarcusxDes and had hoped it would be as such (still secretly praying) but now I see how nice and comforting their bond is. Blair however I still cannot stand. Don't misunderstand, in this chapter she does gain a few points but ehh im still iffy about her.

Oh and I hope you have wonderful vacation :) God knows some of us need it. Enjoy!
2/18/2015 c25 1Siegriss
Awesome! I'm so excited you updated!
2/17/2015 c25 Ash6751
Welcome back! XD you know as nice as Blair is I still don't like her :\ maybe even hate the girl she's irritating to say the least and to be honest i always thought she was such a hypocrite! Anyways, moving on. Thank you for updating nothing less from amazing as always. Hope to hear from you soon in the next chappy :)
11/21/2013 c21 23Demona Evernight
awh man why'd ya have to go and stop it there? Write more write more! it's really good update soon!
11/20/2013 c21 Ash6751
Hes back :) YAY
11/10/2013 c20 dp
Dramatic! Its hard to pull off the first person pov and also hard to weave a character into an existing plot. You have done very well on both!
11/10/2013 c20 Demona Evernight
I love your story plz plz plz post more!
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