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for The Icemaidens and the Philosopher's Stone

1/17/2014 c27 Noble Korhedron
1/17/2014 c23 Noble Korhedron
O.K... I gotta say I think this is all a bit fucked-up. It's like Tom is gonna get away with EVERYTHING he did as Voldemort?! THAT. ROYALLY. SUCKS! :-(
1/17/2014 c21 Noble Korhedron
ULP! W.T.F will Moldi-fart try to do now?! He's got a body AND a wand?! Although it looks like he's given up on announcing his return for the time being! :-D
1/17/2014 c17 Noble Korhedron
#ROFL! Oh man, that was classic! :-D Hope the bastard gets life, BTW! SCUM! #DISGUSTED
6/11/2013 c27 Rose1948
*giggles* A bulldog as curious, if not MORE curious, than a cat? Oh my word!

Nicely done. I know you have lots of stories running around in your mind. I hope, at some point, you'll be able to continue this one.

Take care and thanks for sharing.
6/11/2013 c25 Rose1948
Geez... Was/is the Wizengamot messing around with folks' monetary accounts or what? Good thing the Goblins are watching over things. I'm fairly sure that a "normal" account would be empty faster than my ex traveled when he left town. *snorts* Also, Ms. Umbridge needs to be tossed in the air and slammed with a Louisville Slugger right over second base into the outfield. Sheesh! *shakes head*

Good to hear that those folks who can will be able to get the money in their ancestors' accounts. Man... I wanna be a fly on the wall when the Wizengamot finds THAT out!
6/11/2013 c24 Rose1948
Wicked Cool! Nice intricacies! i wonder what would happen should the immediate Royal family wind up with a Royal Magical. *chuckles* Hoo boy!

Good to see Ron sort of 'growing up' a bit. *nods* I just wonder if Neville will ever overcome whatever it is he has to overcome. That always confused me.
6/10/2013 c23 Rose1948
Good grief. You'd think Molly Weasley would KNOW better! *sighs* Admitted it's been a long while since I read ANY of the HP books. I kinda sorta remember Molly as, well, kinda... hoveringly over-protective and all. But... *shakes head*

Shiveringly done.
6/10/2013 c22 Rose1948
Four more magical bioroids out there? For a total of six? Oh my! Shit's gettin' deep, hon. To quote an old Johnny Cash song, it's five feet high and rising. *laughs* There's getting to be more twists and turns here than a jigsaw puzzle diagram. *giggles* Interesting, jiggedy jog here, though. *nods*
6/10/2013 c21 Rose1948
I like that map. *chuckles* Been many a time I could have used a similar one. *nods* Things are getting deeply dicey, aren't they?
6/10/2013 c18 Rose1948
Wow! My birth year (1948) was quite a busy year for acts and proclamations, wasn't it? *fol* Who'da thunk it?

Calvin Hobbes? *giggles* Oh dear. That was one of my favorite comics back in the day. I always wanted a Hobbes of my own. Never could find one, though. *pouts*

Nice to see some folks getting their necessary scoldings and all. *nods* There were some folks in the first HP book, as well as in this story of yours, that I'd dearly love to see get a swift kick in the ass. Maybe even launched into LEO. In a NON-decaying orbit.
6/7/2013 c15 Rose1948
Oh wow! Trolls and spells and Ron being an arse! Oh my! *dux*
5/29/2013 c8 Rose1948
*chuckles* Oh gosh... Mothers and kid sisters and marriage dreams! Oh my!

That was simply hilarious. I like the fact that Harry isn't so... um... wishy washy shy in your story. There were times when reading the first HP book when I honestly wanted to give the kid a really GOOD shake! Still, being raised by those doofuses certainly didn't help much either. *shakes head*

Another fine chapter. I'm having a blast reading this.
5/29/2013 c7 Rose1948
Huh... Horseback riding can do that too. As can riding a bicycle over the roughest parts of the landscape you can find without damaging the wheels. *giggles some memories* My poor old Schwinn. Man... we had some good times, my bike and I. *nods*

Heights and scairdy-cats. My mother was afraid of them. Me? I was either on top of the garage or in a tree. There was this one old apple tree... Best apples are at the top, you see. *nodnods*

*looks at Chikage and Aesup and grins* For some strange reason, I thought for SURE Chikage would say Anything Goes. *snickers*

Fun chapter. I enjoyed it.

05/29/2013; 6:47 PM EDT
5/28/2013 c6 Rose1948
Another nice chapter. Not too much I can say that I haven't already said. *chuckles* I like this story so far. *nodnods* Enjoyment at it's most restful.

05/28/2013; 10:05 PM EDT
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