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11/5/2011 c1 Dixie Chic

my best friend's sister has an imaginary friend named Miyuku

are you her?

or was it Miyuki...
9/18/2011 c5 socio-intellectual

Ama Sohma

Im ash's current age.

Ima trainier that has 1 more badge than ash.

I look exactly lik Amu 4rom shugo chara except i hv white highlights. :D

Update sooon.

9/18/2011 c5 11OMNISENSE95
Okay, brfore I do anything else let me say this: what exactly does Team Universe plan to do with these heroes? I mean, it just seems a little conceited. Anyway, I will submit an OC now:

Name:Alex Purered



Looks:Short blonde hair, brown eyes, and an outfit similar to the outfit of the Male protagonist of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White.

Description/Personality:Has a strong sense of justice, and is a leader of a resistance force against Team Universe, being one of the few people aware of it's formation.


Lucario (Shiny)



Tyranitar (Shiny)

9/18/2011 c5 14LoveLoverGrl
Hmmm it was okay.
9/6/2011 c4 LoveLoverGrl
9/5/2011 c4 11OMNISENSE95
Well, you didn't let Drew die, so it is obvious you won't do the same for Gary. Also, the "P" stands for "pokemon", right? One more thing, are you open to OC submission?
9/5/2011 c4 socio-intellectual

9/3/2011 c3 9randomninja2398
This story is good as, 10 times better than mine.

Your plot line is good and I like the idea that Professor oak, Brock and Max are being Cupid to the 8 of them

anyways update soon :)
9/2/2011 c3 11OMNISENSE95
Okay, I realized you did change some things, but I would really appreciate it if Iris and Cilan showed up when they arrive at this new region, please. Oh, and I really like this story.
9/2/2011 c2 OMNISENSE95
The way you state that, it implies that numerous characters who appeared previously in the series will appear in this fic. Also, a little hint; Meowth was fired from Team Rocket for some horrendous failure and began traveling with Ash, Iris, and Cilan (the two latter I still insist you add to the cast of protagonists as some surprise add-ons.)during the Unova adventure. Just thought you should know. Oh, and is everyone going to start fresh, keeping only thier signature pokemon, or wil the exixsting parties remain?
9/2/2011 c1 OMNISENSE95
Tell me, are Iris and Cilan going to be in this?
8/26/2011 c3 socio-intellectual
OMFG! I lik AshxDawn parring better! AND DAT OLD MAN IS A REAL SUMTHIN! Nice chappie though!
8/20/2011 c3 14LoveLoverGrl
Nice xD
8/8/2011 c2 LoveLoverGrl
Hey nice story xD continue? :3
7/10/2011 c2 1Miyuku-chan
I was able to tell you through my phone! I promise I eill try to find a way to update!
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