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for Broken Wings

5/4/2011 c3 29CeCe Away
Those damn angel and demon, they flippin broke through the wall. I'm actually excited to see your version of what happens when it comes down.
5/2/2011 c2 doyleshuny
I'm as shocked as everybody about what's going on with Cas. Dean, Sammy and Bobby all thought he was their friend. Wrong! Anyway I was just waiting for a fanfic on this subject. You're doing a great job! Update update update!
5/2/2011 c2 casammy
Crowley always it has been a real bag of shit, I have never liked but castiel, every vz that falls me mas in sharm, it does an angelic stupidity, that this in a war and this one desperate and like that it is easy to do bad decisions but to have to damage to sam, who has suffered the worst tortures after sacrificing itself for all included castiel, ohhhh friend, when dean finds you, one sees that they have put his hands on sammy they are never going to be wanting have born and I am going to be very happy dean sees to stamp on his backs
5/2/2011 c2 BranchSuper
This Cas/Crowley operation is seriously disturbing - how can Cas do this to Sam? Dean, follow that trail...
5/2/2011 c2 37cold kagome
hate cas! p.p poor sammy .. please tell dean is some how going to make cas pay for hurting his sammy like that.. o,p awwwwe.
5/2/2011 c2 123kat
OMG! Poor Sammy. I hope Dean and Bobby get to him in time.


5/2/2011 c2 45SummerMistedDragon
Bobby lives in Sioux Falls, SD, it's about...ten-eleven hours of driving straight through I think..I've been on the long road trips

This is awesome! Keep it up!
5/2/2011 c2 29CeCe Away
*It's not often you find someone who's been touched by the highest powers of hell and heaven, and Death himself. Your soul is supercharged*

Excellent point. Oh Cas, Dean is never going to forgive you for this.

And yay for Bobby, knowing an angel tracking spell. Go get them, boys . . .
5/1/2011 c1 BranchSuper
OK, so what exactly is going on here... Cas is behaving oddly for sure.
5/1/2011 c1 phyllis16
hi well gotta tell ya, im hooked all ready'pleaxe let me know when more is up
5/1/2011 c1 2MysteryMadchen
Scrap this, are you freaking kidding me? No way girl. And you know me, when Sam was continuously in the dark I thought the angel had blinded him, cause, well it is me :) Loved the new story hoping for a lot more and just between you and me and the people who read my review, I'm not a big Cas fan so I think this twist the show has thrown is a good one. I'd love to see Cas as the next enemy of the boys. What an epic turn, especially since I've been pretty upset with what has been done to Sam's character this season. Keep it coming girl, I love it! Nicole.:)
5/1/2011 c1 29CeCe Away
Oh Cas, what are you doing with Sam's soul. I'm guessing that the Show really is going to go somewhere along the lines of this.

It made me so sad that Cas was just standing there deceiving Dean that he didn't know where Sam was and actually pretended to go looking for him.
5/1/2011 c1 judyann
Wow it's amazing how many people are picking up on this story lol! I meant about Cas! Great story. Loved it and can't wait to read more!
5/1/2011 c1 36iamtryN
I would like to see you finish it. Thank you for sharing!

5/1/2011 c1 zemyx1995
Great start to the story, hope u can update soon.
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