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2/20/2017 c4 Moko
Ahaha, I thought there was something very bromo-homo about this story! Lol, not my favorite interpretation of the Hikaru challenge, but by far the most unique!
8/20/2013 c4 1MythsMonstersMadness
Love the story though I agree that Ren is acting out of character in a curvy kind of way. I think he would have closed up even more, not actually opened up to his manager. As a whole he isn't a playful person who would risk his reputation. One of His reason's for "dumping" Kyoko was to focus on his career so he can return too his parents on his own strength. Even a hint of being gay could ruin his career. Or if nothing else cause him set backs towards his goals.

This as a whole has been a very fun read though. Some great scenes that just make me laugh. I have enjoyed reading more about Hikaru. Looking forward to the next chapter.
1/15/2013 c4 7munchin munchkin
one of the few hikaru/kyoko fanfics out there and it hasn't been updated in a year T-T
but its still very funny and very cute!
9/20/2012 c1 7Besieged Infection
I commend you for writing a story pairing Hikaru and Kyoko, and assure you that I will be reading on. I've been very curious about their dynamic. However, I have a quick question: Are you basing this on the anime cannon or the manga? In the manga it says in the notes that the stone is cordierite, not sapphire, and that is changes color depending on how you hold it in the light. (To a soft, yellow-green taupe. For some reason this did not make it into the animated series or the live action drama.) This was the "magic" that the dialogue originally referred to, not the way it sparkled or looked deep blue. But if you're basing it off the anime, just ignore me. I'm just gonna walk right on over to the second chapter. *Whistles awkwardly*
2/19/2012 c3 64Romantic Silence
I sincerely hope you will eventually continue this fabulous story. It is rare to find a well-written story about this pairing and I find myself entranced by this tale.
10/10/2011 c3 2Kenjo
Awww... I sooo love it! Hikaru-san is sooo sweet! Update soon please!:)
7/25/2011 c3 YueLilianPotter
great chapter

please update again
6/13/2011 c3 11MysticLyght
So much Drama! I love it, can't wait! When will Hikaru and Kyoko be lovey dovey? I want hikaru (who is so tiny and cute), not stupid sho (even though i am a sho fan) or chicken ren (who won't just admit he is kuon and get the girl). Please do your best!
5/20/2011 c1 nameless reviewer
I read the viz version of the manga (from Canada) in that version the Ishibashi "brothers" are not really brothers just people who have the same last names are friends and work together.Kyoko calls them big brothers the same way Maria calls her big sis.I think the anime also states they are not related. Other versions may say something different. I'm not sure but I always get frustrated when I see people calling them siblings when they are not.However, because I don't have every version of the manga to compare and I don't read Japanese I can not say my pet peeve is really valid. If I am wrong, sorry.( but it's really a big pet peeve :( )
5/16/2011 c3 32Hasty
Very cute. I love the music swapping. Hikaru's just sweet, and I love Kyoko's acerbic nature. One criticism: for all that is good and holy, cut out the gratuitous likes.
5/15/2011 c1 no thanks
dont you think making ren gay is the same as removing him from the skipbeat universe. thatthen makes this an alternate reality fic not elegible for compation.ather than that good luck write more
5/14/2011 c3 darksilvercloud
nice story :) abingdon boys school! :DDD
5/14/2011 c3 27Jhiz
I swear you are one of the few who would not only think of relationships in LME as being possibly incestuous but also be brave enough to write it into your fiction... I love it (I laughed so hard I lost my place on the page and had to skim to find it again).

The conversation about spending money on Kyoko was quite entertaining. Sho could spend a fortune on her and not repay the debt he owes her.

Oh, and for the record "bleh" to the reviewer who was criticizing without offering suggestions on improvement.

This chapter was once again dizzying in volume and progression of the story. I can not wait to find out what you have in store for us next time.
5/12/2011 c2 tinawinna
5/12/2011 c1 tinawinna
hi im a new reader to hikaru and kyoko as a couple...but ive always liked hikaru as a charater...and even though ima kyoko and ren fan...ive decided to try out hikaru and kyoko...so im now going to be a dedicated reader of ur story!

so far i like wat im seeing! good job! i think im going to enjoy this story!
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