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for The Trouble With Happily Ever After

5/21/2011 c5 3thelionkingsguard
Rapunzel smirked and gave a him a quick kiss. Eugene grinned stupidly. "But that's OK, right? Because only cows get a kiss," Rapunzel said. "Right," Eugene said, still grinning.

Aah, I just love Eugene here. I can totally see it :) And come on Amelia! You thought yourself that you were kinda into the Lord Grenville-dude. Don't hate Levi because he had to dress up to be with you! He even told you about Claire. Sniff. Those two really must get together. But it's fun to see what problems that fate (or Eugene) throws in their way they have to overcome. Because if they end up together after that, it must be true love ;)
5/20/2011 c5 AIOFanNCRM
First, I'm going to kill Eugene. Nuff said.

Second of all, :'( Oh Levi. Man, he didn't get handle a good life. I love the name Claire - that just breaks my heart.


Another amazing amazing chapter. I'm sorry for the writer's block. Boy do I know senioritis. Well, okay, it wasn't bad in high school. I'm having trouble with burn out sadly in college now. :( Irony for my research paper in English too... Burnout and how to avoid it. psh. I also know the writer's block! Such a ringer!

Can't wait for more! :)
5/20/2011 c5 12pamplemousse07
Was Levi's story about Claire true? It was really depressing :(

Stupid Eugene! Always ruining everything! I had a feeling something like that would happen. I reeeeealllllyyyy hope Amelia forgives Levi. And the pie fight was awesome, except I couldn't decide whether or not Amelia was still mad. I figured she was. So I was reading it and thinking it was funny, but also feeling slightly depressed.

Oh man, the King is gonna be pissed! Can't wait to see what happens next :)
5/10/2011 c4 4-eva-bookworm
I really like this chapter. Even though it was a little bit short, it had a nice plot and was very sweet. I also loved how you dressed Amelia- with the peacocks and all, fabulous. Please write the next chapter soon!
5/10/2011 c4 3thelionkingsguard
Yeah, I'm kinda with PampleMousse07 on this one. How is she not gonna fall for the lord? Or perhaps he's gonna betray himself. Hmm (thoughful). It would be totally Levi of course... What I thought to be the reference is the dressing up. Didn't Rapunzel dress up Pascal in a dress very much like her own? Or is that thinking too difficult? Probably. It's one of my very few flaws xD
5/10/2011 c4 12pamplemousse07
Darn, I want a virtual cookie! I didn't catch the reference...

So how is Amelia going to fall for Levi? Won't she just fall for the lord dude? That would be weird... And Eugene and Rapunzel going as Pascal and Maximus! Priceless!
5/6/2011 c3 pamplemousse07
Loved this chapter!

Hey, Rapunzel is actually trying to stop Eugene... I thought she would be all for getting Levi and Amelia together. Amelia isn't going to fall for that Seth dude, is she? I hope not. He was kind of adorable in his attempt, but she needs Levi! And then they fell in the fountain and I was like, YES! Now she will realize that she always liked Levi and... And... And then she left. D: Amelia! I was saddened. Poor Levi. I hope that there isn't another genius idea from Eugene! I wonder what happened to the note Levi had written. Wow, this was a long one. Anyway, update soon!
5/6/2011 c3 3thelionkingsguard
"Yep, brilliant plan". Uhuh :D That did work out great. Love the different interactions in this one :)
5/6/2011 c2 thelionkingsguard
Still liking it :) Though I am not much of the talking scenes (more action), you do it very well. I somehow got your proposal version confused with another one in a forest, so I was a bit confused earlier. But then I remembered :)
5/5/2011 c3 AIOFanNCRM
lol. It is almost like you are trying to prove MY point that Eugene/Flynn is... slightly gay. lol. He skipped... lol.

OH. Eugene better be careful... cause, when Rapunzel gets mad... oh, she gets MAD! *proof from the movie!*


Two weeks seems fast... but, I made a fictional pair get married after a month's engagement... it was PROBABLY worse because they only dated for a month... and before that they hadn't seen each other in well over 15 years. o.0 lol. True love, mate! hahaha.

I love this. You make the best reading for Tangled!
5/5/2011 c2 Bonnie Fontana
Hahaha! You've made laught a lot! hahaha! Eugene is so egocentric ♥

Please go on! :D
5/5/2011 c2 12pamplemousse07
Wait, what? Amelia! Grrr! You know that Rapunzel is going to try and get them together anyway... :)
5/4/2011 c2 22Sea's child
This was funny. Levi and Eugene are like two children. I enjoyed it.
5/4/2011 c2 75eskalations
Oh my gosh that's where I have seen some of this chapter from! When Rapunzel was describing the proposal I had a feeling I had read something like it before!

I love this idea:) I can already tell this is going to be amazing!
5/4/2011 c2 AIOFanNCRM
hahaha. "She's out of your league." He's BSing so much crap, I'm going to SLAP Eugene. Idiot. lol. When did he get so cocky as EUGENE? Oh.. he's still Flynn... o.0 Good one. :P lol.

I want more!

Haha, he didn't actually say the words... I laugh!
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