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5/3/2011 c1 ANNA
THAT was probably the BEST thing I ever read! I liked it the best from everything you wrote! And like I told you before, you got the characters down PERFECT. Although, I'm not sure about Kakashi sensei... he's pretty hard to read. But over all, I thought it was IMMENSELY amusing ;D
5/2/2011 c1 1KatherineSpice
I liked it! Kakashi's one of my favorites, and I think you did a good job at keeping him and all the other characters IC. I liked his thoughts on his students a lot, too; I think they were very accurate.

"A Hokage-wannabe, an avenger, and a self-improvement project. What a bunch." lol Exactly! I always wondered how he must have felt when he first met his students. That's probably it, though, lol.

Nice job! :p

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