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for A Need Too Strong

4/27/2016 c15 Gem
This is great it made me cry please carry it on i need some endingg that is happy
2/21/2015 c15 deletedaccount56721
I love it. Please update soon.
1/4/2015 c15 4Professor Alice Song
OMG this is amazing! I see by when you last updated you might not be continuing this but if you do I will be reading it! Love to see more!
11/9/2014 c4 Doctor donna x
I love this story, it does get a bit sad in later chapters but it gets better, are you going to carry it on, if you do I think as they come to be together again Kelly should organise and have a steryotypical romantic first time with Annabelle, anyway that's just my opinion love this please add more xx
9/22/2014 c6 Lord Asmodeus
Very nice indeed.
9/22/2014 c4 Lord Asmodeus
...Ah...took me a few minutes of contextual research to understand anything, but after that it was extremely simplistic. Quite entertaining the first few chapters were.
2/20/2014 c15 14Sparring Woodpecker
I just found this fic and it's good, perhaps you know more than me but the brain tumour happened very quickly, I mean I get migraines everyday and after a few weeks I went to the GP because I got concerned and it hurt, I just find it odd the Annabelle didn't, but then again maybe lot's of people don't. Either way I feel like there's gonna be an amazing amount of character development about to happen and I can't wait for that. Keep up the good work :)
1/17/2014 c15 2monsterscorporation
Aweesooome! Thanks for the chapter ;)
1/17/2014 c15 Guest
Brilliant update! :)
1/17/2014 c15 Guest
That was AWESOME! More more more!
1/14/2014 c14 Guest
I'm not much of an author but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't take a year to write a thousand words but it's such a great story I just can't be mad. Please update soon PLEASE !
1/14/2014 c14 monsterscorporation
a bit short, but the wait was sooo worth it ! I'm proud, please continue this amazing masterpiece ;D
1/13/2014 c14 Guest
An update! You deserve a cookie.
8/28/2013 c13 Guest
An update would be greatly appreciated for this work of epicness!
7/25/2013 c13 googoo4u
Oh my You have me crying, this love the girls have for each other is beautiful yet ugly,hurtful yet healing. Like Kel said it's a drug and their addicted. After reading 13 chapters of your story I to have become addicted to your writing. So please please update. To beautiful a story not to continue.
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