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for Tron: Infestation

5/5/2011 c2 3EasySilverDoesIt
Nice job, this quite fun to read. "Energized breathe stimulant" Grid equivalent of a cigarette? I also love the "Because you never know when data is randomly conductive, after all." Cute. ;D
5/4/2011 c2 4Cyberbutterfly
Heeerrrrrreeeee'sssssssssss Trony!

I like the level of detail you go into- both in characters and the surroundings.

I'm a visual person by nature, and tend to 'see' what I read in movie form, so it's nice to get a clear visual of everything.

And, on that note... Black sludge in the grid... That's never good...

Actually- it brings to mind 'Venom'... (comic book version- not crappy movie version)

Can't wait to read more!
5/3/2011 c1 Cyberbutterfly
Well... Like


Hell Ya, I'm interested!

what HAPPENED to Quorra? (okay, got the broad strokes on this one) How much does ENCOM know about the Grid? Doesn't anyone know about Flynn? Who will help from inside the grid? Who's LEFT inside the grid?

Update fast, man, I NEED answers! :D

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