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for The True Blonde

7/26/2014 c1 4jabbarulez
interesting! have your gotten takers for this challenge?
5/9/2011 c1 DragonOfChallenges
what about if the character is bald? would that be acceptable? whould we have to keep naruto under the characters personality or does he go naruto or merges(ex. if draco does he stay dracoish, goes naruto, or becomes a balanced fusion of the 2)? what is the level of blonde and orange we can go? like for blonde can we go from platium to dirty blonde or stay in the yellow? how are you gonna tell whos taken your challenge so someone else can read it? and thats gonna be a bit confusing i mean really(ex. naruto said to harry i think we could be friends, harry replies ya right malfoy...) why not have naruto refer to him self as naruto but speak like the character(ex. cloud asked tifa hey wanna train a little bit, tifa replys sure wanna do anything specific, 'you' naruto thought to himself how bout some martial arts im a little rusty) i think that would keep them from getting confused but still make sure the reader knows its naruto, ttfn
5/7/2011 c1 fanofmany
Ah so he's going to be those characters eh? There are alot I like to suggest but you should probably do a poll where which animes you know first or something.
5/3/2011 c1 13Xamusel - Gamma 11
Hey, Zero, I'm interested in this idea. Let me know if I can take you up on the challenge and if there's a limit to how many worlds and such other limits that you hadn't mentioned yet.

By the way, you forgot something in this release, the english pronunciation of Yosuke's "Partner" is Souji Seta. Just thought that I should let you know that.

I have a few ideas for stories now, including Persona 4, but just let me know what else is allowed and such. Thank you.

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